I'm liking what i see

its only two games straight but they were both against eastern teams and that is huge. Every week all phases of the game seem to look stronger. Which leads me to believe that by labour day and beyond we will be rounding into shape and hittin stride to hoist the 100th grey cup in toronto.
The season aint wont the first half of the year and rome wasnt built in a day were a young team with a rookie head coach so i believe were gonna be ok.
Any thoughts?????????????

It was a solid effort for sure and until all the kinks are ironed out, it keeps us in the thick of things.

Congrats to the Tiger-Cats ! 8)

The glass is half full.....

The real test comes in Regina next week. Air blows are still disorganized and AC is old AND playing hurt.

We shall see.....

SACKS -our D ends are not doing the job . In the Hammer we pride ourselves on our steel town tough D and so far I am not seeing it . Obie has done NOTHING to address Hickman going to the NFL :roll: OK we have got Peach but he is no Hicky ok he has showed lots of PSI against the ALS O line and had one sack great but we will see next week I still think being at the bottom in sacks this year so far sucks :thdn:

Pressure is not all about sacks though. Sacks are good for players looking for more money, but disrupting the timing of the offense is what really matters. Last night, with the exception of the third quarter, the defense didn't allow Calvillo to get in a rhythm. That, in my opinion, is more important than the total number of sacks the team registers.

The defense has allowed 27 or fewer points in the last three games -- remember that 16 of BC's 39 came from special teams (Tim Brown punt return), a conceded safety and an interception that set BC up at the one -- and their average in those three games (again, just the defense) is 24.6 points. If they go the rest of the season allowing just 24-25 points a game, they will win many more than they will lose.

Haven't we seen this before? Look like key-rap for 2 weeks, come back the next 2 weeks, win and look good, then repeat.

I am hoping that this season is different and it starts with SSK. The good teams in this league put together 4 wins together all the time.