I'm just glad.......

I'm just glad I don't have to watch a repeat of that game again next week!

I'm just glad we finally got Winnipeg off our backs for this year. I thought we lost em at 3-8 but they caught right back up, man what an intense season. Bring on the Lions at an oversold IWS :rockin:
Typically in ancient history, thing's get fed to the Lion's. But this Sunday the Lion's will get fed to the Cat's :smiley:

Will IWS sell out? I'm a little worried, as they've been running at about 21K per game this year regardless of the circumstances.

Ya, crowds have been disappointing, but things are looking up. We had 25k at a cold game against SSK last game. And this morning (Monday morning), people were lined up outside to get tickets.

Fans were lined up outside the store all day today. This is the first day tickets went on sale and already 12,000 have been sold. I'd say it's going to be oversold.

According to Dave Naylor CFL insider,Ticats now own a boat, seems they put a hole in it on the trailer.

Can you provide a link?

Was a joke

When you are posting a joke that a member of the media is reporting something it’s helpful if you indicate it is a joke.

Unless the media person you're using is Marty York, then everyone just assumes it's a joke. :lol:

Dan, I know what you're saying... My Eskimos get to face the Stamps for the fifth time this season. I swear, if the same Eskimos team shows up this Sunday that showed up for the two previous games in Calgary... I'm going to lose it!

well get ready for your meltdown chief LOL

And so will the Esks. :wink:

Good luck on Sunday, btw. I used to live in Calgary years ago and I hate the Stamps and I hate the Flames!