I'm just curious.......

As a seasons ticket holder since the mid 90s, and as someone who took the bus as a kid to go see his beloved Cats, I live and die with them on the field every week.

I have my views on how they can become better and I share them sometimes. I am objective enough to know when they have the potential to win the Grey Cup and when it is a rebuilding year. However, my love of the team does not waver through the bad times, extended or not.

For those with the the largely negative post sand threats of "I am giving up my seasons tickets", I have but two questions:

Are you a Leaf fan?

And do you take this same attitude with a team that has largely been a disappointment for the past 40 years?

Just curious.

maybe if leaf fans had the same attitude and started to rebel(stay away) the ownership may get the message.

You bring up a very good point but let point a few things out.

  1. WE have been "re-building" since before Bob took over ownership......the leaf never rebuild, they are a status quo team based on their aquisiontions.
  2. Those you say "I giving up my S. tickets", these are true season ticket holders opinions in Hamilton. In Leaf land the vast majority of ticket holders are corporate so regarless of how the Leaf play the Seasons ticketbase remains static.

Again your question is valid but Hamilton Ticat ticket holders like many are fickle. You keep providing bad play / bad team / bad management then the season ticket base will shrival.....history does repeat in Hamilton.....just watch / wait and see.


Even the Leafs aren't this bad. They at least are entertaining for the most part and there is a hope that they can win.