I'm interested to know...

As Ticat fans, who do you fear the most on the Lions?

Defense..Ricky Foley or Brent Johnson

Offense...Paris Jackson

Wally Buono.

I don't think the Cats fear anyone, but they certainly respect Wally Buono, he has earned it the record speaks for itself, most wins all-time.

Barry Sanders.

Not so much this year though.

Right answer.

Wally, one of the best coach's in the league, hopefully Marcel & Gibson are ready for the challenge.
Doc 8)

The refs!

Since the Ticats swept BC this year I would say than NONE of the roster makes me feel any sort of fear.

If it wasn't for the Ticats your Lions would not even be in the playoffs. Remember that.

mallett,,,, it used to be clermont and wake (before they left) and simon.

its a totally new season just like week one of the reg season so the team as a whole should be feared but i would have to say wally cuz hes gonna have those guys ready to play offensively jackson and simon oh yeah and PRINTERS (HAHAHA) defensively hunt miles and jhonson