I'm in a quandary guys

I'm in a quandary regarding tonight's game between the Lions and Ottawa. The Lions have lost 3 in a row and the Offence has been decimated by injuries. The Offence is a shadow of its former self.

Ottawa destroyed Winnipeg last week and they are full of confidence. They will be gunning for the Lions.

Certainly I want to see the Lions beat Ottawa tonight to get back to their winning ways and to prove that they can win even with so many key players out of the game. However, I also want to see Ottawa salvage a dismal season.

Was Ottawa's win last week an anomaly or has the team finally put its act together? For almost 10 years CFL fans have been hoping Ottawa would return to the fold. It finally has but the opposition has not been kind to the RedBlacks.
2-11 is all Ottawa has to show for itself. That's demoralizing. I'm certainly hoping for a Lions win for obvious reasons but I also want to see Ottawa finish off with a string of victories. Burris has his work cut out for him as he faces one of the best Ds in the CFL. However, it seems the Lions' opposition doesn't need to score TDs to beat the Lions. It just needs a good FG kicker!

...I'm in a quandary myself....I'd like the Bombers to make post season play (still a flicker of a chance) so I think the leos should be playing for a very high draft pic in 2015...one right behind the RedBlacks...Go RedBlacks... :wink:

I think the harsh reality is that the Lions are just not a good team. Injuries for sure have hurt but they've been "off" all year imo. Not sure what it is. Just lifeless. Rudderless. I can't find a leader on the squad. I think Benevides is on a very hot seat. I'm sure Braley won't want to eat dead salary so maybe he gets one more year.

I think Ottawa is,for while now, a better team. That said coming west playing at 10 PM their time is tough. BC could eke out a win.

Agree with slant. I don't think Ottawa is at the point of overcoming the 3 hour time change for a night game in BC. Lions by a FG, but I think Ottawa could get a couple more wins down the stretch.

I could live with a 3-0 Lions' win. :thup:

The biggest problem the Lions have this year is that Mike Benevides is not Wally Buono.

I find myself not having a preference in this game.

I wanted TOR to win
I want sask to beat mtl because I want mtl out of the playoffs
I want ed to beat wpg because I don't want sask to get ahead of ed and I don't want wpg to catch bc.

as long as that all happens, tonight game not so important to me.