I'm here, let's talk Double Blue.

What would you like me to take photos of? Anything specific?

I'm hoping I can make it video like the one I did in Winnipeg, of the concourses and stuff.

Post a video of the Argos winning. haha. Good luck with that one.

Perhaps Willy will follow in Milanovich's footsteps. Mediocre qb to mediocre boring white bread, lifeless coach who's a horrible judge of talent.

Easy to watch a game when you have NO faith in your team.

No Need for racism.

Racism??? If you're referring to white bread, I mean he's BORING as white bread. Hard to be racist to someone the same heritage. With a name like Milanovich he's got to have Ukrainian roots such as I do.

It really doesn't matter. If I'm black, I dont get a free pass to say the N-word on the forum.

Your post is completely fine without the shot at white people.

Ha, ha. The overreaction to the "white bread" comment is a joke! White bread = BORING! I've used the term "vanilla sex" to describe Milanovich in the past! :lol: He is BORING!

I don't use the term white bread to talk about white people. White bread to me is plain, boring, dull and has no imagination. Just like Milo's offense. Not meant as a racist comment. Not sure now I could get called a racist when I'm white anyhow. It's simply plain and boring as white bread. Now if you love white bread, I'm sorry.
I'm actually off white, I tan while I work. haha.

He is boring. He's overrated and we're stuck with him for another year, at least.

Nothing wrong with good quality Vanilla. Not the ersatz crap. Nice fresh vanilla bean is best. I put that sh!t in everything. haha.

Yah vanilla and white bread are both used to call someone or something boring. I have a new one mainstream. Mainstream crap is boring.

I don't mind Milanovich personally but he needs to show more passion like he did on Labour Day and open his mind up to running some more innovative type offensive plays. Toss in a few trick plays.

If we are to have a shot at making the post season and hosting a game, we need to win tonight...which is why we'll probably lose. Milanovich always loses important games.

You nailed that. Except we did fluke our way to the Grey Cup 100 Championship.

I don't remember what season it was ( 2014 maybe) , Milanovich publicly said 'this is the most important game of the year' three times in the lead up to the game, and they lost all 3.


Since there is a 50/50 chance of the playoffs, heck for me even if it's one and done both Barker and Milanovich have to go.
They have made way too many crucial take the franchise back years type of mistakes.
e.g. Collaros and Harris just to mention two.

Terrific game day vibe in the neighborhood here. Just got to my seat as RedBlacks came out of the tunnel.

Real nice game at the half, CRAP!!! Milanovich's O is so difficult to learn??? Take the snap turn left and toss it for two yards and no gain...repeat. Elliott and Hazelton are up to their old tricks of BS after every play.
The longest punt return we've had all year is 15 yards. HOLY SHITE!!! We cut Shane Williams Rhodes from Boise St and Jeremy Gallon from Michigan early in training camp. Both could have been terrific returners and great little receivers. Yet more bone headed moves by Milo and Barker. If this keeps up we'll be like the Riders next year.

Horrible game, definitely Milanovich and Barker have to go.

Just read posts on Argo Fans and hell many could have been written by 1argoholic (me) before my outright ban. Many I got ripped for but I guess I'm not as stupid as they made me out to be.

Milo is a .500 coach and Barker has never taken the CFL draft seriously. We've just given the Bombers a great first rounder next season as we continue to crap every field we play on. Barker obviously has his head in the clouds and believes that players can come and go, be cut or allowed to walk for NFL tryouts. He thinks that he's so great that he can continue to find great talent to replace the Chad Owens types. Well he can't and hasn't. The constant influx in rookies especially in the secondary has been a joke. Not finding a return specialist has bombed. Our longest punt return this year was 15 yards. I'm pretty sure at almost 54 I could run scared for a further then that.
Willy isn't the answer and hopefully we don't ruin the potential in Lefevour and Fajardo. Kilgore should have been cut by now. Milo has a love affair with Willy and I think he personally tossed Lefevour to the wolves in tonight's first half with the horribly lame check downs all half.
How about giving a guy like Blake Nil a shot at head coach. Instead of the constant rehashing of CFL coaches. I'm not sure who your GM could be. This team was on a high leaving the likes of Rogers and it's dome behind and it's been quite a bust at BMO so far. Crowds similar to Milo's coaching, mediocre and homes games to match. Nice way to suck the life out of a team and fan base that needs all the help it can have.
Maybe Pinball would like a shot at saving his beloved Argonauts and take the roll of GM, savior and all around great personality. I know he likes a challenge and this would be a big one.

There are a lot of pom pom-waving, blind, ignorant, cheerleaders on that site!

Willy is injured. Sure glad we got him . :roll: