I'm here, let's talk Double Blue.

Time to get this party started because it looks DEAD!!! How about those struggling Argos? can we right the ship or are we heading for bottom?

Bomb the boats, feed the fish. : )

Like I couldn't see that coming with your user name. haha. Great line in a punk song.

Cat fan here but I'm wondering if there is another site for Argo fans. Seems strange there are so few takers even in a city in love with the NFL. What's the story?


You'd better tow the company line on Argo fans or you get banned like Area 51, 1argoholic, double dare, T-bone, Midnightblue and many others. Why I'm posting in this dead zone. Argo fans at each others throats that's argo fans. Go for a read and laugh.

Easy answer: because the Argofans.com site sucks, especially the moderators (as well as a few of the "members").

Get the conversation going. What about this team would you like to discuss?
Ray injured and our season is over?
Milanovich should be fired?
Who will our QB be this year and who next year?
Why is Hamilton such a S*** hole?

Ah yes where to start?
What could have been had this franchise made the smart move a few years back with Collaros.
Like some of us had said then, it was not a tough decision so bloody obvious.

I wouldn't have kept Collaros either.
We were going to protect Ray and lose Harris or Collaros to the Ottawa expansion draft. We showcased Collaros so Ottawa would take him while ignoring Harris, who we didn't show at all.

Let's not forget, that season that Collaros was our starting QB for a string of games, it was the defence that kept giving him excellent field position. The offence would be pretty ineffective all game, the defence would keep it close then force a turn over giving Zach great field position, and he'd finally get a TD. He rarely put together a lengthy drive resulting in a TD. Always needed the defence to set the table.
Only his first game starting against the lions did he look good without help from the defence.

I thought we lost Harris due to his greedy desire to be the league's highest paid player, but now I'm rethinking that;

I honestly think the Argos inability to keep Collaros or Harris is the result of Milanovich's personality. Both have since confessed that Milanovich would talk down to them during practices. No coincidence BOTH players left the moment their contracts expired with absolutely no consideration to staying with the club.

I can't help but wonder how different this first year at BMO would have gone had we kept Harris and Owens with Ray as Harris' backup. But, Harris wanted to get away from Milanovich asap.

The die was cast when Milanovich for whatever stupid reasons, maybe Ray has pictures on him and Barker, went with the injured Ray in the playoff game instead of staying with Harris.
Also, you do not announce in advance how Ray is your guy and then try or at least for public consumption state how you tried to sign Collaros and Harris as back ups.
Letting both of these blue chip guys go will hurt for years, hopefully not?

Milanovich likes to "hard Coach" players like they do in the NFL. Some players don't respond to that in this day and age.

With todays trade for Willy, hopefully this will spell the end for Ray as he is done.

I don't think last year under the same circumstances Barker would make this trade. Maybe the new owners don't want to sit back and penny pinch like we have been used to. We were suppose to be in the GC this year.
Barker wouldn't give Collaros or Harris the kind of money Willy is suppose to be making.Puzzling trade after Lefevour played so well today. Walters should be the GM of the year for pulling off this trade.
Hopefully all this money being tied up in QB's won't prevent the resigning of players like Jefferson, Elliott and Gurley. It would be nice to be able to keep some of the good imports for a while instead of the constant turn over we see every year. Two years at the minimum and then see ya.

Most of Willy's contact has already been paid for by Winnipeg. So, we get him at a discount.
If he refuses to restructure his contact in the off season, he'll be gone and we will have wasted 2 draft picks and Heath.

We shall see.

But it does likely mean that Ray's career is over;

He won't be returning until week 17? If we are out of the playoff picture, there would be no sense in playing him 1 game to end the year.

If we are in the playoff picture, we'd be starting whatever QB got us there ( LeFevour) .

Unless a repeat of last year occurs and we jettison the guy who got us there ( Harris) for a returning Ray.

I didn't know 1argoholic got banned. That's really cruel, he's living so far out in the sticks now and can't get to the Games. Enough to make anybody a bit crazy. :lol: The rest of them well.........I guess one could say they have issues. :wink:

Well, MLB just released their 2017 schedule. Jays are in Minnesota mid-September. If the Argos are in Saskatchewan or Winnipeg that same weekend, I will be in heaven.

Toronto premium outlet mall in Milton has an adidas store which is selling Argos merchandise up to 30% off. The same hoodie that is $90 on cflshop.ca was $63 after discount, then if you buy a scarf, the touque was half off.

I’ll be traveling to Ottawa for Friday night’s tilt against the RedBlacks.
Hopefully I’m rewarded with a double blue victory!

Hey dg, are you going to post some photos?