"I'm Happy I Chose Canada" - Joe Theismann

Here's an interesting 1972 article from Sport Magazine in an interview with Joe Theismann:


yep, certainly an amazing read. Joe sure had the CFL and the system figured out. He was going to be a success at whatever he did.

coool article thanks or posting it

Love him or hate him, he has always talked well of the CFL as far as I know, good on him! Thanks for the post TG!

Except for his predictions of ricky Williams running all over the second tier cfl defences. What a joke that turned out to be !

Wow, I didn't realize that Jonas and Wilkinson were former Argos. They turned out to be 2 of the best, for Winnipeg and Edmonton. And to think the Argos released or traded both of them. Maybe there still is hope for Bishop after all.

Didn't realize he said that stiz about the defenses. Fact is, CFL guys are very quick, not as big as NFL guys positon per position, but quick. So you go for the legs. Joe forgot about this I guess, it's a different game up here in that safeties and d-backs are smaller but still very quick.

Hold on a second boys before we anoint Joe the second coming, I recall a few years back with the NFL in Toronto stirring big time he did not have too many positive things to say about the CFL and the No Funners staying out.
I am totally indifferent to him, as he blows with the wind and todays flavour I guess is CFL positive.

Good points argotom, I haven't heard everything Joe has said in the past but sounds like the guy is full of wind that has come up from another part of his anatomy as they say.

You two do realize that this article is from 1972 ...

Yes of course, but with Joe it is relevant to present as there are not too many mikes which Joe does not pontificate at.

Joe the Throw. comments about Rick Williams, Havent heard anything from JOE about the fish taking him back? This article is actually very good and his termilology is of the times 1972, at that time there were discrepancies in the developement of canadian players, BUT that gap today is far smaller than then if there is a gap at all, yet CIS is judged from that era to this today. IMHO Canadian QB,S are being waisted when they would be as good or better than imports like Printers, Brady, Eikin, ETC ETC

Very cool thanks! Love reading about the CFL circa 1972. Funny at the end its almost like he is neogotiating terms of his NFL career.

You must have missed his interview before the Barfalo preseason game in Toronto, during which he said several VERY complimentary things about the CFL.