I'm going to be a bit of a traitor this year

I am a Rider fan, but I am also a Kerry Joseph fan. I don't think the powers that be over here appreciated Joseph very much. So, I will be cheering for both the Riders as well as the Argo's this year.

I am also a fan of the Pinball, so I want to see him win a Cup managing the team. And if God has any love for the CFL, then he will be cheering for Kerry and Mike this year :wink:

I'm saying that because one time during a game Kerry said to the camera, "God is on our side." Well, perhaps he was, seeing as we in Saskatchewan presently have the Cup.

Good luck to the Argonaugts. :smiley: Yes, I know that sounds strange, coming from a Rider fan, but I just have to support Kerry because I am a big fan of his. He did many nice things for the community while he lived and played here, and I am thankful for that.

Oh, and yeah, he helped us bring the Cup back to Saskatchewan. Yeah, I guess Eric Tillman and company seem to have forgotton about that. The off-season does things to the memory...


I had similar feelings when Damon joined the team.

Good call, Theresa. :thup:

I’m an Argo fan living in BC for the last 7 years. It is ok to cheer for another team too as long as you know where your heart is and as long as we keep interest and ratings up. TV ratings are great, fan interest is up. We have a great product here and I feel sorry for people who think Toronto is an “All-World” city and will only support the NFL.

Joseph is a very good agile quarterback; but he needs room to move. You guys in Sask deserved that Grey Cup. I wouldn’t even have minded the Bombers winning it. I just want at strong healthy league so we can expand again soon, hopefully Canada wide.

P.S. Hate the Als and Eskies, the Cats too(I hated Harold Ballard as an owner, he supported the Cats and destroyed the Leafs) but I don’t want them to ever fold cause I love the rivalry!!

You are all about Rider Pride, me Double Blue hey I guess we love our league and being Canadians.

God is for fairness so I would guess/hope that God was for Michael Bishop.