I'm getting very depressed about 2023. Can we hear some upbeat info about next year please?r

Like I think that QB Newman will develop into a very good QB in a few years. etc

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So let me get this straight , you are very depressed about if our 3rd string QB will be very good in a few years ??? That is what is depressing you ? Correct ?

It will be the BC Lions 70th anniversary. A reason to party, like we need one!


NO......Just an example of upbeat news. Give me your upbeat news.


The Ticats will win the 2023 Grey Cup at home!
How's that?


You've got a long time and way to go to be depressed about 2023 especially if you're a Ti-Cat fan but right now it's the holiday and off season so I'd prefer to enjoy that before the depression sets in for next year .

You want upbeat news about 2023 ? Well the last time I looked we were undefeated as of right now heading into next season . So there's that anyways in regards to upbeat news to help you with your depression . :smiley: :santa:

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You win the Labour Day 50/50 draw...and donate all but $1 to charity!

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit

The Chinese Horoscope 2023 promises a year of prosperity, luck, and abundance for the Tiger natives.

[That's us, isn't it?]

In love related matters, you will enjoy a fulfilling time with your partner, and the single Tiger natives will have a great year too. In professional life, the more people you meet, the more opportunities will come your way, so work on growing your social circle. You are advised to look for more sources of income if you want financial stability. Health-wise, you must be careful of the changing weather and consult a doctor even in case of minor illnesses.

P.S. And 2023 is NOT a prime number! :man_student:

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here is something upbeat, Womens Football World Cup next summer, I am so looking forward to that.

also, my 40th wedding anniversary

also, my son getting married to a fine girl.

then there is the Super Bowl and NHL playoffs

not to mention the next season of Aussie Rules Football

You might get lucky sometime during the year :slight_smile:


Are you saying that last stormfront was responsible for the crick in my neck?

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Ha, ha! Doesn't everyone who lives in the Crick have a crick somewhere in their body, regardless of the weather? :smiley:


The Tiger-Cats have not had better Grey Cup success in any years ending in any number other than "3."
(O.K., I know, 60 years is long time!)

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...at least you aren't Roughrider fans! Both their picks for OC walked away this week.

You are correct my friend . At first glance it looks prime to me but nay nay . It is divisible by 7, 17, 119, and 289 . Thanks to the Google .


trade ya ours for two watermelons.

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