i'm getting sick and tired...

of teams taking bloody liberties with our guys....first Roberts gets the body slam in a Mont. game...and now Stoddard gets the ol wrestling fling....i;m glad that hammer player got the heave-ho...cheap-shot crap will result in it everytime....HOWEVER...IF ...this kind of play continues...i guess we'll have to get into it....Hebert can muscle guys around...and i think he'll be doing just that ...i think Berry gave him the word toward the end of the Hamilton game....heh heh...anybody else tryin that crap better watch out... :rockin:

Dwight Anderson owned you baby. Throwing a guy twice his size you have to give him his dues. Hebert is nothing but a cheap shot artist, always has been and always will be. At least when my man threw Stoddard it was when the game was still close (Didn't stay that way for long :lol: ) while Hebert does it when the game is lost, what a hoser.

Isn't amazing how some people equate winning one game with being competitive? The Cats just won one game and are like what 1-5 and their posters are just besides themselves. Cool it guys, you're not there yet. Remember last year? You beat us there too once.
As for the pile driving, it has to stop. Someone will get really hurt one day and remember what happend in hockey. The CFL will cry that it can take care of its player's conduct. I would be extremely upset if any player on my team would do that. What is this supposed to be? Football of WWF?

The Cats have improved every game out and although they only have one win in the last three they should have won all of those games. They totally outplayed the opponents only to be set up with poor officiating and late in the game QUESTIONABLE pass interference calls. Get used to the Cats winning, it won't be long before winnipeg is fighting with a western crossover team for the last playoff spot. Yep, third in east at best, only because Toronto has no QB.

blame the officiating, go figure … and Hamilton fans have NO CLASS, you’re dirty player hyping it up after his ejection, what a crock of shit, and the fans cheering, even as Stoddard is still down, not to mention, he didn’t return (concussion), One game, and we meet u 2 more times, look out Cats, we are gonna thrash ya 2more times!! Oh yeah and if it weren’t for Lumsden, u wouldn’t have a chance, maybe we should piledrive him a few times (just kidding we won’t be like the Ti-Cat Fans), u fans are a disgrace to the CFL and Glenn Suitor can shut his mouth, biased announcer, we don’t need!!

Why are you here?


ARE YOU A FRIKKIN IDIOT? HOW IS HEBERT A CHEAP SHOT ARTIST? hmm tell me that one and you dont call the flipping cheap unless its against the bombers? you dont need to be strong the flip a guy like that... you just need to be either diamond ferri, a dumb ass ti cat, or kyrie and that was a bad move by him. all you ti cat fans do is talk, when you win one game you make it seem like you won the grey cup. wow you guys piss me off everybody in the ticat organization from the fans to taffe. WHAT A DISGRACE TO THE CFL THE TI CATS ARE!



lmao your funny, refs were just doinfg there job, its not our fault your team has to try to cheat to win with all those stupid penalties

didnt you just say we were making excuses in the other thread? well what is it your doing here?

and you never came close to outplaying the bombers last week buddy, nice try though.

plus the only reason you are remotely moving the ball on us is because 3 of our 4 starters in the secondary are out due to injury, thats not an excuse, thats a reason.... nice try though

and once the coaches get hebert and jenkins in there at the same time, and our secondarys healthy again, no one will be able to move the ball. especially not the helpless putty tats

Hey...I was at the game! And let me tell you! I was livid when I saw Anderson pull that stunt!


Real fans of "The Game" and of the CFL know there is no need for that BS.

The same can be said for the BS in the papers leading up to that contest.

As a fan of the CFL first and a Hamilton fan second, I look for good, well played contests and enjoy visits to other stadiums! The comradarie of "The Game" and enjoying the company of other teams fans and visiting "tailgates" is what helps to grow our game and secure a future for our league! Consider that when posting or "riding" an opposing fan at your stadium!

And...for the record...I had a Great Time out in "The Peg" last year at GC.
Don't be surprised to see Ticat fans in your stands...even if the Ticats are not in town! Milt Stegall is awesome! :thup:

Kyries Hebert as been a cheap shot artist ever since he came into the league. The big one I think of is him running Yeast on the punt return and not respecting the no-yards(he was a Renegade at that the time). Hebert has had a history and will continue to do it.

Wow calling the Cats fans a disgrace is a pretty big joke to me. Look at the record over the past couple years and look at the attendance numbers. 25,000+ for a losing team is pretty far from a disgrace to me.

the cats fans are far from a disgrace... i really cant say enough about how they continue to support there team even though their records arnt great. good on you cats fans

yes hebert is a little rough at time, but hes not a cheap shot artist. nor is the player that tore up stoddards ligament in the knee, that stuff happens in the game of football, its when they do it over and over and over and its obvious they are doing it on purpose, thats when they are a cheap shot artist

as for hebert not respecting the five yards, he is an american, and in the american game the use the fair catch call, not five yards, so hebert probably wasnt used to it... he was probably thinking he had a great chance to force a fumble on the retuirn because he didnt wave for a fair call and did it out of second nature. because as u said, it was when he first arrived here

tell me again why he is a cheap shot artist i dont see how you can call a player a cheap shot artist for making 1 bad decision after the opposing team did the same thing but gave jamie stoddard a concussion

Previous plays, he has a history of doing it. He doesn't call himself Kyries the Headhunter for nothing.

go back to where you are liked you troll just go talk about how dwight anderson is your hero in the ti cat forum

W/E baby, I guess I'm a pretty good troll cuz I feel pretty good. It's almost like a real football game with the trash talk.

Stay in your own forum with the trash talk.

FYI - it's a suplex, not a pile driver...just think Cowboy Bob Orton's move, not Magnificent Moraco's...

Plus, it isn't the World Wildlife Fund, it's WWE now that they got ceased and desisted...

please put the soother back in your mouth

And when was the last time the Bombers won a Grey Cup???