I'm feeling nervous about the Lions/Esks matchup on July 22

Given what happened in the past two games and how well the Eskies have been playing the Lions had better bring their
"A" game to Edmonton on Friday. The Eskies are red hot! The Lions had better not screw up or they will be sent packing out of Common Wealth Stadium. A 3rd loss for B.C. and it is deja vu!

I don't think I could stand another run of losing like last year's start.

Consequently, we were at the game last year at Commonwealth; and were very surprised how upbeat the Eskies fans were considering they too were winless at that point. ... Or it might have been the beer we all drank in the concourse after lightning hit the stadium.

hound - you’re kidding me right? we are gonna go into Edmonton and beat the stuffing out of them. Ricky Ray my hind end. Collins is going to romp all over these clowns.

Did you not see how our offense was in the first half or how our defense was in the second? There are many reasons to be nervious!

Got my days mixed up guys. "Doomsday" against Edmonton is July 16 NOT July 22. Now I AM REALLY NERVOUS. That's this weekend! :frowning:

Friday night football in edmonton. it doesn't get any better than this people. don't confuse us with the facts - I'm jacked up for this one.

I'd hate to confuse you with another fact, but the game is on saturday night...

thanks fahq - I was way off. I owe you one buddy. Saturday night , sweet - even better. oh look - bird poop

I need to take the fall for the faux pas Mystic. In my opening comment I said the Lions would need to bring their "A" game to Edmonton on Friday night. I not had the wrong date but the wrong day. My wife pointed out my mistake and then took away my Smirnoff's. :frowning:

I corrected the date and changed it to the 16th. I'm surprised no one picked up on the earlier error but I guess we're all just so used to seeing the games played on Friday evenings.

are we ready or what. all someone has to say is Eskimos and its go time. this is going to be a great matchup.

Eskimos/Lions.......Showtime; the two teams will be ready to go with sunny skies for the game would be ideal too.

this is going to be good

Not only are you doing Girley drinks you let your wife take them away from you ? I’d say it was time to take the Footballs out of her purse. :lol: Good luck on Saturday hope you enjoy the game even if I predict a Lions loss.