I'm envious

While watching the Riders/Argo game I was impressed with a few things and rather envious of:

The Riders having someone like Armstead who could provide great field position with kick and punt returns. Gee....we sure could use a guy like him. Oh wait....we HAD him. I like how the Riders actually set up and provide blocks for him. It seems when our returner catches the ball....he's alrready surrounded by the opposition!!!

The Argos using both RB Robertson and FB Johnson together in the backfield. One blocking and creating holes for the other. What a novel idea. Wish we had someone who could do that.

Looks like we may be seeing some of Caulley so that's good news :smiley:

Armstead did nothing when he was here.
I'd like to see what Cobb can do on returns, after all it was his specialty in college. We could alternate him and Caulley in the backfield.

I can not see him doing much untill the canadian talent changes. Our special teams is average at best.

I was envious of the way the Riders spotted the blitz coming from Toronto and threw a quick pass to the sidelines to burn them. It cost the Argos some big yards, and certainly let them know they couldn't just blitz whenever they wanted to.

Then again the Riders have that experienced quarterback. How could we expect our "rookie" to be able to make a play like that (sarcasm).