im emberrased

right now to be an eskimo fan. Jason Tucker our star receiver has his 2003 grey cup ring stolen is our own town..its emberrassing people in this town would steal a player (let alone the guy that won the grey cup MVP)grey cup dispciable and i hope they find theese ******** and make them pay

Unfortunately, there are scums everywhere.

Don't be embarrassed. The guy who steals a Grey Cup ring is not a CFL fan anyways.

That is plain out bad. Hopefully he get's it back. Like the Sidney Crosby jersey that was taken after the WJHC.

They better hurry, cause if the Oilers win the cup, the fans might burn down the city. :oops:

Ya and thats if the Oilers WIN, hate to see whats would happen if they LOSE

Its too bad that a few idiots are spoiling the image of the good Edmonton fans.

athto ones got to wonder....who leaves thier 2003 grey cup ring in thier glove compartment without locking the doors?

my greycup ring would be in a safe.

In Surrey, They'd just steal the whole car! :o

Question tho, Sportsmen, if the ring was in the car they just stole. Would they pocket the jewelery before or after the wheels got chop shopped?

You should be more embarrassed by your awful spelling/grammar.

Good one Dragoon. :rockin:

Yeah you can't really put the blame on the thief here. Who is dumb enough to keepa 12,000 grey cup ring in the glove compartment of your car? honestly, i keep a map and a tire gauge in my glove compartment....all of $3.76. It's Tucker's fault, but yeah it does suck for him to lose that, but hey that's why we invented a thing called the safe, or a safety deposit box, let the bank worry about things like that. and come on, no insurance? that's like having an open BBQ pit in your living room with no house insurance, or going off roading in a sedan with no vechile insurance. Sucks to be tucker, but there is numerous ways to prevent this. Chalk one up for stupidity

i don't understand why the word sucks gets blurred out, but that's what it is

it did it again, the word is s u c k s

i can't win seriously, it's not very fun to be jason tucker, there ya happy

Rule no. 1 in this society: if you value anything, don't leave it in your car while your car is not attended. But then we hear every once in a while a parent leaving their child in the car in sweltering heat. Now that I totally can't understand for the life of me unless the parents are just complete idiots or actually want to see their child die.

What I don’t get Earl, is why so many adults who would never let their children in the car in sweltering heat often do it to the dog. Like he’ll support it better.

Yes, excellent point Third for sure.

What are you talking about, not locking the doors? I read the story in two different papers and not one thing mentioned about leaving the doors unlocked.

I heard the he locked the doors, but he said sometimes the locks don't work and he just never got around to getting them fixed. As it turned out this time they did not lock...oops.

Well, at least he had a Grey Cup ring to lose ..... if I am Milt Stegal, its kinda hard to feel sorry for him.