Im disgusted with the calls

I'm sorry eskimo fans Im a ticat fan who enjoys a good game no matter who is playing (mostly cuz my team don't have to many) but you guys got robbed tonight and had your season stolen the ref u guys had today cant even pronounce an H when he says amilton and u would think if he cant pronounce an H which there is only 25 other letters to chose from how could he even slightly grasp the rule book of the CFL I hope you guys have a better season next year and its nice to see atleast one franchise maintain some class even during tough times

...real mature, pick on a guy's grasp of his second to see you survive a week in Istanbul...

^ :lol: Nice.

I agree there were some shitty calls, but no need for personal attacks.

We'll rebound next season. We've got a lot of good players... Ray, Tucker, Peterson, Ebell. Anderson was lighting it up. Next we just need to fix our coaching situation. :twisted:

Maccochia and his staff need to go

Edmonton is not the only teams that he has screwed this year. If you watch the play, he is reaching for his flag even before the so-called hold. That being said, it, shouldn't have got to that. Stupid fake field goal, and can't even punch the ball in from the goal line. Embarassing.

I completely agree. Him and Champlaine need to be fired!

It's called an with it.


If you had proper English language skills you would know that,
A) there is no such word as "Cuz"
B) it's not "dont". it's "does not" or at "least doesn"t"
C) there is an apostrophe in "it's"
D) "atleast" is either 2 words or hyphenated......
F) There is also an apostrophe in "Can't"
F) There "are" 25 other letters....not there "is" 25 other letters
G) it's "you" not "u"
H) It's "you were robbed" not "you got robbed"

I) There is no such word as "Gunna"
J It's "Fight off Jake" not "fight of"
I suggest you learn proper English as a first language before you critizise some-one's second language...

Brilliant post ro, brilliant.

Il n'était vraiment rien!


I second that!

And yes every team has got burnt this year by bad reffing but to say they had their season stolen from them is just stupid. That is why we have an 18 game schedule, not 1. I’m not saying that makes it right but there is nothing you can do about it. Also, 57 yards is not impossible, is that really that far out of Sean’s range. I was kind of surprised that they didn’t try. Heck even if you would have missed I’m sure Holems would have let it bounce into the endzone and take a knee lol…

That hold was a terrible call. Even though I am a die hard Rider fan I was cheering for Fleming to make that kick, as the game didn't mean anything anyway. Fleming has had a good run, and it's too bad they had to screw him on his last field goal attempt at Commenwealth Stadium. Congratulations Fleming on a great career, and I hope you have a good, well earned retirement from the game.

^ Good post, and I agree. :smiley:

So because its his last game, they should fix it for a win?

This is prob Stegals last year so maybe they should give him the Grey cup.
Damon Allen is prob playing his last year as well so maybe the Grey Cup should automatically be WPG vs Toronto.

Who should get the calls in their favor in that game?

What in the world are you talking about ro? All I said was I was hoping that Fleming would win them the game seeing as it was his last game at Commenwealth. I dont know why you are getting your panties in a knot about it, I was just trying to pay my respects to a player who has been in the league for quit a few years. I'm NOT an esks fan so I really don't care, actually the fact that I'm a Rider fan overshadows the terrible call that cost Edmonton the game. Damon Allen has already won a few Grey Cups has he not? And as far as Milt Stegall goes, if the Riders don't win it all this year, then I hope that Winnipeg does.

In years gone by, the Eskimos were usually the beneficiaries of those “phantom” calls by the officials. Now they are getting a taste of what it is like to be the offended. I don’t like “phantom” calls, but it is important for everyone to have the experience so they can be respectful to other teams when they get the short end of the stick!

I agree about the Riders; I'd sure love to see a community based team win for a change. I'm not sure who the BBs can beat right now; there are so many known and hidden injuries, but I don't want another Vancouver or TO Grey cup. "DO IT FOR MILT."

Edmonton will bounce back next year. They have a lot of talent; especially Ray.