I'm cheering for "Swaggerville" today

I know they are in direct competition with the Tiger-Cats in the east, but ever since Coach LaPolice took over, they have captured my imagination and respect......the bar has been raised and I salute them!

I hope we meet them in the eastern final!.....better is better right?..well, they are forcing us to be better! :wink:

The Bombers success is great for everyone in the CFL!

Go Bombers ! (except when they play us) :wink:

That's just silly.
I hope the Bombers get stomped.

That is absolutely INSANE!!

Hand in your Ti-Cats fan card and leave this forum immediately!!

DISCLAMER: I've never in my life claimed to be "sane" :lol:



Please note: Argo fan cards are available in a special location. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald can be located in Lake Superior on Google Earth. Happy diving! :wink:

He never had one to begin with. Way to go Mikey. :roll:


Truth be known, my grandfather played for the Bombers and we used to argue (in fun) about my love for the Tiger-Cats....he used to call us the "Pussy-Cats"..... I always stood my ground with him though.....

But I do admire what Coach LaPolice has done and have no problem saluting the progress....good is good! :smiley:

Saluting is one thing... cheering them on against a Western opponent... BLASPHEMY!

Eff the Blew Bummers and their mosquito riddled fans...

Let's hope Saskatchewan blows them out!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup:



And DH, could you please not use that silly nickname that they came up with for themselves? I hope even Winnipeg fans will get sick of hearing it.

Deerhunter, can you cheer for them every week from now on? Cause they're crapping the bed today, & I think you cursed them.

PS: stop cheering for the Cats while you're at it. :lol:


Deehunter, please stay away from the liquor cabinet when you are contributing to the Tiger cat forum, it makes you write things that are so ridiculous you will regret them later!!!

He's definately NOT a member of the "Riderhood"....


When you see people ask you to stop being a Ticat fan it's a good idea to sit and ponder what a massive fail this thread and your ideology is. You may want to think twice the next time you have the urge to share your thoughts.

Don't you think this "Mikey" campaign is old...Larry?

you need to get over yourself my friend....do you really think I take all of this seriously ?..... :lol: :lol:

I'm having a lot of fun watching a few of you pace the floors and chew your nails down to the bone .....there's much more to worry about in life than what "Deerhunter" is posting.... :wink:

Go Cats!

Happy Labour Day to all!

I hate the Bombers now almost as much as the blue team. So glad they lost. I NEVER cheer east.

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