I'm calling it - It's OFFICIALLY a "Rebuilding Season"

They play too yanks at tackle, the only played one at guard for a couple of games one year. It's most been three Canadians in the interior.

Fontana was awful in the first game and can you honestly say you watched saxelid playin edmonton and formed an opinion

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But they are not healthy. Hence the terrible performance. You can wish all day for an alternate reality. With who we have right now on the O-line we stink.

Evans has no time or confidence. His play is sub par and shaky because of it.

This is our reality.


No time to go thru his reads. He doesn't have time to say the four words, 'go thru my reads.'


Some rebuilding requires demolition first. Maybe that would help here but then Cats are imploding all by themselves ! Suggestion.. dress mgt and put them on the O line against Bombers D. Keep caskets on the sideline. Sad for a great storied franchise I always admired.

RT:Van Zyle

Would make a good Oline. That would also be an all Canadian line and a ratio solver . :+1: :+1:

the old guy


Again Pat…. If healthy. We can wish for anything but right now we need more immediate solutions. Like the play calling last week vs Calgary.

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#67 Offensive Lineman

Height 6'5

Weight 298 lbs

Birth Date (Age) 1989-12-29 (32)

Born Longview, WA

School Oregon State

Status AMER

Profile Stats


  • Acquired: Free agent (May 8, 2017)
  • Contract(s): Extended (Feb. 11, 2019)
  • CFL experience (Elks): 6 (4)
  • First CFL game (team): Sept. 21, 2014 vs. Saskatchewan (Ottawa)
  • College: Oregon State University (2008-12)
  • Highlights:
    • Played in 48 games at OSU, including starting 25 straight games at right tackle.


  • 2021: (Edmonton) The Oregon State product missed the entire season due to a torn pectoral muscle.
  • 2019: (Edmonton) In 18 games (18 starts), Kelly played at right tackle. Kelly dressed for the East Semi-Final and Final.
  • 2018: (Edmonton) In 18 games (18 starts), Kelly played at right tackle and has one defensive tackle.
  • 2017: (Edmonton) In 11 games played (11 starts), Kelly played all games at tackle. Kelly started at tackle in the West Semi-Final and West Final.
  • 2015: (Ottawa) Started all 18 regular season games for Ottawa including both the East Division Final and the 103rd Grey Cup.
  • 2014: (Ottawa) Kelly started eight games.

He is currently on the 1 game injury list .

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To suggest that we know where this team is headed after three losses would be similar to saying we know that BC is going to win the Grey Cup after their two sensational and dominating wins.

The Grey Cup game is five months away still. I feel as deflated today as I did after the two abysmal losses to start last season. The 0-2 2021 team looked absolutely hopeless. The 0-3 2022 team doesn’t look much better.

I’m not suggesting that we’re in good shape and should count on a third straight Grey Cup appearance We may go 4-14 and start the rebuild. We also may go 11-7 and peak in the fall to get ourselves back to Regina.

It’ll be what it’ll be. What it is right now has a pretty foul stench coming off it. Five months is a long time! Let’s see what they do to improve. My guess is that it has to be some combination of getting healthy and new players. Last year it was getting Van Zeyl back in the lineup and adding Jordan Murray to the lineup. Let’s see what they manage to come up with this year before reading them their last rites.


Nathan Rourke is the closest thing I have seen to Doug Flutie. Very exciting player.
I used to watch him play on Cogeco Friday night football when he was @ HS in Oakville.


There aren’t many June Jones or John Tortorella types out there that really give the media the juice. Admittedly Coach O gives less than most, but what he says (and what his players say) to the media has absolutely zero bearing on what happens on the field.

No one had issues with the same cliche answers when we waltzed to 15-3 in 2019.


Nice pickup on paper for sure. Needed another body and a vet with a track record is the way to go.


Simple answer as to why no one had any issues in 2019 is that we were winning that season on a regular basis . Fast-forward to this season and suddenly issues abound as we are now losing on a regular basis with seemingly no solutions in sight . I'm willing to bet that with two very winnable home games ( Edm / Ott ) up next that a 2 game winning streak and climb back to a 2 - 3 W/L mark might just appease the masses if only temporarily .

On the other hand IF we somehow manage to lose one or God forbid both of these games ? The pitchforks and torches will be out at a fever pitch in the Hammer and no doubt there will be loud screams from the masses for heads to roll .

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History tells the story. Nothing about this season tells me it will be any different

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I agree with you , but I still think management is using this season to make chaanges and as a mony dump, because next year the grey cup is back in hamilton again and i think they are gonna sign every free gent they can to win it , so rebuilding , money dump , call it wht you want, but lets just see how this plays out.

sorry about the spellin mistakes i need a new keyboard cause I spilled something on it so some times it work and other times it doesnt

I feel like the litmus test for whether this is a rebuilding season for Hamilton is next week's home game against Edmonton. This is a must-win for Hamilton, even though the East is typically weak as a division. If you can't win your first game of the year, at home, against a team that is definitely in rebuilding mode, then it might be time to make changes.


This Elk game would be the Cats' second home game .

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The 15-3 season was an anomaly. Now we are back to the same old ticats we love (and love to bitch about)
Management has worked hard; and had done everything well; but a championship was just not meant to be.
So enjoy a cold beer at THF...and don't worry too much about the result as it ain't happening this year!

Fontana was a standout centre at Fresno St and it's hard to judge him after one game. Yes Saxelid was a good LT for the elks, great footwork and powerfull. Jones is going to regret letting him go. Same with McDonald and I guarantee Jones won't see all four years in Edmonton.