I'm calling it - It's OFFICIALLY a "Rebuilding Season"

When does the building begin?

Yeah no this team is literal trash


So does that mean you won't be posting here or that you're no longer a Cat fan ? After 3 games , you've given up hope . None of us is happy after 3 losses but don't jump off the band wagon , yet .


No it does not mean Im no longer a fan, or won't be posting here, but you have been here long enough to see where this team is headed this season and the predictable nature of this team.

Just play the tape from the last 2 post game interviews. "Execute better, finish plays, play for 60 minutes, blah blah blah"

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When a mediocre Masoli is back here to replace the chosen one who can throw for 425 yards and yet lose. Same old…same old.

You think Jeremiah would ever come back here after the way he was treated by this team? No way! He will be just fine in Ottawa.


Just remember folks , the "blah blah blah" part is the most important part to listen to .

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I say that Cats have played 3 of the top 4 teams in the league so far.

Hung in really close against Sask on the road in their home opener.
Blew a game they should have won.
And gave up a tough defensive TD again last night to blow it open.

Lets see where we sit at the halfway point before talking about blowing up the team.

And maybe get help on the OLine in the mean time. A wek spot coming in to this season and still a factor today.

I'm taking over the ship! Starting Monday I'm replacing your worst two flabby offensive lineman with two muscular Imports! Then I'm finding two Canadians to start on your more than adequate defense (seriously... it's really good)!!!

Arrrrrgh! Who's with me?!! :beaver:

Calgary does very little free agent signings they recruit and the first year players come in they develop them until the coaching stafff feel they are ready to go. Think about it the cost of getting free agents usuallly take away your shopping list of players that may develop inot a gem. Huff is great prospecting talent.
Every team usually loses 25 % of their talent base before a seeason ends the scouts for the STamps are hard at it looking for players they figure they will need to replace. I nooticeed Sankey is not playing up to his billing. I realize and have nothing against a player moving on to get a better pay check it happens but your recruitment team better have innfo on players to try and get out side of the cfl

I don't think anybody is talking about blowing up the team ... now or at the halfway point. Our defence is very good, one of the best in the CFL. They just can't be expected to be on the field for 40 minutes a game.
Some posters are saying in this thread that it's a "rebuilding season" because of the poor play of our offensive line and the three losses so far (two losses when the thread started).
We are 'rebuilding' that line right now mostly because of the terrible rash of injuries; Woodmansey, Fontana, Saxelid (all on the 6-game) and Revenberg, and the inadequacies of Okafor and Gibbon.
So Canadian linemen like Pickett will probably be coming to Hamilton throughout the season - but very slowly because there are very few of them and since they're not on anybody's roster right now, they're not very good.
"Rebuilding" or "blowing up," the situation just sucks.


It's amazing how some fans don't understand this. The Oline has had three combinations in three games, due to injuries. When healthy

RT:Van Zyle

Would make a good Oline.


It’s the same fans who complain about the ownership structure, the football operations structure (the 3 GM misconception), the coaches (especially Orlondo, Condell and Gibson) , the players (ie White, Domogala) and the receivers in general……who have I missed?
I believe the overwhelming majority, while disappointed, don’t blame everything wrong with this team on every facet of the organization after 3 games. Lose a few more games, then maybe a change somewhere is going to be necessary.

Don’t think that I’m a continuous raw raw guy on here. I hate losing , but my opinion on what’s wrong is never going to be correct because we don’t have all the information. I just want to win.


What's to understand? Your offensive line is broken. Mend it. Bring in BETTER athletes. Stop looking at their birth records.

When Kyle Walters took over the first thing he did was bring in imports to fix our O-line. He didn't wait for our oft-injured Canadians to come off the IR. This fear of upsetting the ratio is killing you guys.

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With respect, you are drawing what I would consider a false equivalence between good (American) and subpar (Canadian). We field a pretty good offensive line in Montreal with four Canadians and one American (Callender at LT). I don't think passport is the issue. I think Hamilton's management has neglected O-line scouting for more than a few years. That is the issue IMO.

The other issue is lack of commitment to the run game, which is doubly killer when you don't have a great O-line. It's a lot easier for those big boys to get out and run-block than it is for them to hold off D-lines from their QB snap after snap. I'm not a Cats fan, so I don't know the team well enough to say, but it seems like Condell has to bear some of the responsibility for not running the ball enough.


Irrational fear, or respect for league rules? I suppose it’s a matter of opinion. We could always just start 24 Americans and dare the league to do something about it.

While we’re at it, we could trot out 13 or 14 players on offence every play. What are the refs going to do, throw their little hankies onto the turf? No fear!!


Or... start two more Americans on your O-line and two more Canadians on your defense. Maybe just ONE more American on your O-line would be sufficient for now. It's a temporary measure but if it's not done soon you might let Dane Evans take one too many avoidable beatings.

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@Maaax You've been greatly blessed with having a talent like Demski at slot. He can run the ball, he can be a possession receiver, he can break a long one. So you start two Canadian receivers and Harris then, Oliviera now at RB, allowing you to have Bryant and Hardrick on your line. You still start a Canadian on the D-line and at safety which is exactly what the Cats have done for many years now.
Sorry fellow Cat fans, but I'm agreeing with this BB fan. I don't think Papi White is cutting it right now. Ternowski should start in his place.
It's too bad IMO, that Shai Ross got picked up by the Lions before we got to him.


Slight amendment to what I just wrote:
Papi stays in until Addison is 100% healthy.