I'm calling it - It's OFFICIALLY a "Rebuilding Season"

Offensively this whole game came down to 3 second half plays. If we get a better result on 1 or 2 of them we win going away. We know we had a fantastic first half; here are some notes about each our 7 second half possessions including the 3 plays that made the difference:

  1. 8 play drive from H22 to C11 before… play number 1 of 3, we throw a pick in the end zone
  2. Short field after our D gets a pick ends with a red zone turnover on downs after… play number 2 of 3, the failed Shiltz sneak on 3rd and a yard and a half
  3. One first down, 20 yards of offense, and a punt
  4. Nice drive from H40 to C11 before kicking an 18 yard FG on 3rd and 9
  5. Gain 9 yards from H36 to H45 before… play number 3 of 3, where Dane has the ball stripped on 3rd and 1 and Calgary runs it into our end zone for the major to tie the game
  6. Gain a couple first downs driving from H29 to C50 before punting
  7. After a great 2 and out by the D and a solid punt return by Woods we gain 6 yards on 1st down before throwing an incomplete pass on 2nd setting up a 39 yard FG to retake the lead

We didn’t get conservative on offense, we only punted twice, we moved the ball on pretty much every possession, we just made three gut wrenching errors and as it turns out that’s at least one too many.

I’m not sure what happened on the INT in the end zone. My gut says Dane expected Addison to be coming back for the ball, but I’ll never really know. It really looked bad but I assume there was some sort of miscommunication.

I completely agree with both third down gambles. I know some didn’t like the first one, but I’m all for putting a team out of their misery when you get the chance. Up 24-3, coming off a turnover, deep in their end, I loved the call. I just hate that this team for some reason struggles so much year after year with what should almost be a gimme in this league. Don’t change the decision to go, get better at executing!

That’s my take on the Offence - MASSIVE improvement over week 1, but 3 monumental mistakes. Any one of those three mistakes and it’s just football. Even two of them and we’re likely just fine in the end. Stringing together all three in such a short time frame just pumped life into a nearly dead Calgary team.

My take on the D wasn’t as kind. Something changed late in the SSK game and their Offence suddenly began moving up and down the middle of the field with chunk plays at will. It happened again yesterday and this now seems to be a recurring problem.


Dane has been a turnover machine in the first 2 games. I don't think anybody expected that at all out of him.

Knowing Dane though he will work like crazy on eliminating those fumbles and INTs.


If you're qb turns it over 7 tmes in 2 games you arent likely to win.he looked good but has to learn to protect the ball


Third down gambles in your own end ..... only agree with gambling if you have a HORSE like Stevler coming in to run the play and he is a horse....otherwise gamblers lose games and their jobs.

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Frank stats that have been shown over the years each team loses about 25% of their players each year. So every team has changes but you look at the cats and bombers it would have been less. Change is a good thing for most teams because it allows teams to get better by choosing better replacements. The cats like the stamps over the years have lost key players and depending on recruitment you can get better or worse. The stamps have a good recruitment team and you will see them sign maybe one vet from another team otherwise the players they bring in are basic rookies and they do find gems in doing this. Where as getting free agents you might find that free agent is not as good as he was with the other team. I can name a few already this year that went to other teams and they have become average at best speedy is not one of them.


Outstanding rant here,
I pretty much concur with all of it!


That is easy the Tigercats in the last couple of years have made it to the grey cup have they not. Yes they got beat but this must say something about the team and that coaching is not as good as the competition.

I don't ever think the team was serious about contending this year
I think the goal all along has been to get back to the Grey Cup for next season
when we host it
You can see bits and pieces are in place
But this is not a complete roster Maybe by midseason they could be
I could see a playoff spot

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What move did the team make to be better for next season and not helping themselves for this season at the same time?

On the surface 0-2 looks bad but the team was bad to start last season too.

And let me say. AGAIN. I just can't understand why we can't pick up a good import or passable National punter...


Lots of interesting stuff BUT I do put the OT Int 90-10% on STE. Not on Evans.


I just took a quick glance at the remaining schedule and honestly can see an 8-10 or 9-9 result at best for this season . The crazy thing about that is that with a record like that this year it could get us a 1rst or 2nd place finish in what is looking (as usual ) to be a very weak Eastern division . So in other words a typical Ti-Cat season of hovering around the .500 mark and never much above it or below it . Mediocrity at its finest .

I'm sorry to say folks but that 15-3 season from 2019 was a total anomaly that was a one off for this team . They had never ever remotely had come close to achieving such a lofty W/L record before in their long storied history . Sadly unlike other teams that can string multiple double digit win seasons together on a fairly regular basis for an extended time , it isn't in our teams DNA to ascend to such heights .

Here's a little proof to what I'm saying here .

Going back to the 2009 season we have only missed the play-offs on two occasions (2012 , 2017) . In both those seasons we wound up at 6-12 records .

So doing the math that leaves 10 seasons of play-off football . In those 10 seasons we have had exactly 3 seasons when we finished with double digits in wins ( 13 , 15 , 19 ) , 1 season where we finished above .500 but with single digit wins (21) 3 seasons when we finished at .500 (09 ,10 , 14 ) and finally 3 seasons where we were below .500 but somehow still managed to make the play-offs ( 11 , 16 , 18 ) .

Our W/L record by the way from 09 to 21 including that 15-3 season sits at an rather unimpressive just below .500 record of 105 wins and 107 losses .

So members of the jury I rest my case .

So the question should be... Is it a rebuilding season or just a typical standard season for this perpetually seemingly underachieving organization minus the over achieving season record of the 2019 season ?


The pattern that I've seen emerging since that 2009 season is that the architects of the team can't put a COMPLETE team together.

Every year the Cats are strong at certain positions but then have a glaring weakness in other key spots that cost us games.

Some examples:

Kicking (2010 DeAngelis, 2021 Bertolet)
QB Controversies (2009, 2021)
DBs (2009-2011 Bellefeuille era)
Running Game (Austin/Condell playbook)
Defensive Co-Ordinators (2012 Creehan, 2018 Glanville)
Boneheaded Coaching Decisions (pick a year)
O-Line (pick a year)

Having said all that there have been many strengths in the Cats game over the years that has helped to balance out the problems. We've always had really good Special Teams and returners. The QBs and recievers have been good for the most part. The Linebackers have usually been stellar.

I think the Cats management needs the mindset that every position is critical and needs to be filled with the top talent possible. Hufnagel in Calgary seems to excel at this. When the Stamps lose good players he just seems to replace them with equal or better talent. Who wants to bet if Calgary will have kicking problems when Paredes retires? Not likely.


Good points. I would add running back as a spot we have been hit and miss over those years, though we’ve had some decent ones (Cobourne, Gable) mixed with some half season wonders (Cobb, can’t remember the other speedy back we had in 2012-13). Some of that also goes back to inconsistency on the oline.

Calgary has always been the gold standard of a team that just finds good players every year at all positions. You look at the game Saturday, Carey got injured in the first quarter and I think their second string rb was injured or not dressed. Logan is their third string guy and also a returner and he was phenomenal in the second half until he got smoked by Adeleke. We couldn’t even stop Charlie Power in short yardage after that. There’s a reason why Huf got inducted into the hall.

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@Krisiun you're quite right. Yesterday in this thread, I wrote that rebuilding doesn't seem to pan out for any teams in the CFL and 'the best laid plans' yadda, yadda ... but Calgary and Hufnagel have had something that every other team is looking for. John H has been the GM there for 13 years (excluding 2020) with 2 fifteen win seasons, 2 fourteen win seasons, 4 thirteen win seasons, 2 twelve win seasons, 7 first place finishes, 6 Grey Cup appearances, and 3 GC wins. Like you said, consistent success like that means that they always seem to have the guys in place when one of their players leaves for not-so greener pastures.


I think so too. Jake Maier could've left and started for another team (Montreal or Edmonton come to mind) during Free Agency but opted to stay in Calgary. That Dickenson / Hufnagel mentor duo is tough to pass up for a QB just learning the game.

Hufnagel was Brady's first QB coach in New England... I'm gonna stop there. Nuff said.

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I think the RB you might be thinking of was Terry Grant. He looked like a beast until he suffered that gruesome leg injury and then never made his way back to the lineup.

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I don't have all of your fancy "statistics" or "evidence" at my disposal. But here's what I know based on the last 20 years or so as a Tiger-Cats fan.

If we ever appear to be the best team in the league, the football gods WILL send an invisible lightning bolt to destroy the knee of our starting QB. They won't even disguise it with a hit from an opponent - a "non-contact injury" suits their needs just fine.

Our best chance is regular season mediocrity, and hope to get hot just at the right time. (Not that this has worked for us lately either, but it works reasonably well for TOR.)


This year they changed it up by sending a 'brain fart' to your GM so he wouldn't notice that Dane Evans can't function behind that sub-standard offensive line talent.

We're kinda hoping that things STAY the way they are until AFTER next weeks game. Don't sub in any big imports along your front five until week 4 please. Our Bombers aren't exactly shooting the lights out right now. We need all the breaks we can get.

I believe he was thinking more along the lines of Chevon Walker.

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Always looking on the bright side of life :roll_eyes: