I'm calling it - It's OFFICIALLY a "Rebuilding Season"

Sometimes prevent defense prevents you from winning, I think that's how it got it's name. Seen it many times.


This! I agree with all of this!!

After week one in SSK and all the upheaval of an already broken OLine I expected a complete train wreck. I was blown away with how much better they were than my expectations.

I don’t like the number of high impact errors - 2 red zone turnovers, Dane’s fumble that winds up in our end zone, and soft as butter defence for most of the second half - but there’s a ton that I loved last night.

Dane had time in the pocket; the OLine was quite stellar. Condell didn’t run the ball, but he did a ton of things that had the same impact. TheD was terrific until they weren’t. Our special teams outplayed their special teams.

I had little or no hope heading into last night. This morning I’m full of optimism. Here’s hoping I’m not being completely fooled and that there’s reason to believe better days are in the horizon.


I don't like sitting the starting QB in the last exhibition game. if you want him to only play one game play game 2. In my eyes Dane looked off week 1.

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It’s great when you have a 30 point lead with 2 minutes left. Apart from that, leave it in the toolbox.

Thing is, Ticats got beat as much on 1 on 1 matchups deep where the db just got out jumped/outmuscled for the ball. Calgary won most of those matchups. Leonard is a good db but he should probably be at corner - way too small to go against the bigger slotbacks in this league. And with almost no pressure from the dline and blitzes not very effective, Bo had all day to long up those long passes in the second half and let his guys go up and get the ball.


Yup. This is exactly how it played out. When they played zone BLM found all the recievers in the soft spots underneath the coverage. Then when they played man the DBs lost those battles too. I've been really high on these DBs but lately they have been getting exposed. Leonard got picked on quite a bit. I'm hoping Cariel Brooks comes back from injury really soon and should help to make a difference although I doubt he alone can change the 4th quarter defensive schemes that seem to be costing us games lately.

You're right Egbert.

There was definitely some improvement last night over the first game and reasons to be optimistic. However there was also a hell of a lot of blunders to clean up also.

Welcome to Ti-Cats Football (ver. 2022) :grinning:


Wow a little disapointed after 2 games take it easy they are just working out the kinks. Last night the Tigercats took their foot of the gas peddle they though they won the game at half time. Mind I think 99 % of fans watching thought that as well. But the cats have not a bad team.

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It's been the same thing year-in and year-out. Same coaching errors.

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You miight be right but who would you replace him with?

I this loss was a one-off anomaly then I think most fans could shrug it off. However, the second half collapses have become a disturbing trend in the last 2 seasons.

The HC, OC and DC need to figure this out.

No changes in half time means coaches are not doing a great job.

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I don't think there's such a thing is a 'rebuilding season' in the CFL. I've seen many years where the management and coaches of every CFL team put together the pieces to rebuild in the off-season only to see it never pan out over the 18 games. And equally as often, there's been unknown rookies brought in without any hype, who have surprised everybody and helped make a previously lousy team into a Cup contender - just too bad that a miracle like that isn't happening this year on the TiCats' o-line.


Couple of comments:

  1. I predict that by the time Labour Day arrives, any notion of a "rebuilding season" will look pretty silly.

  2. Having said that, they are off to another horrible start in 2022. And last night's loss was inexcusable. I recall another time when BLM ripped our hearts out at THF . . . we got called for PI on a deep ball somewhere around our own 20yd line with no time left on the clock. We had 2 defenders with the receiver; all they had to do was tackle the guy to secure the victory, but instead . . .
    Hamilton dominated that game as well.

  3. I have not read all of the posts, but I see some commenting on the lack of half time adjustments. I am not going to say that the Hamilton coaching staff cannot be accused of that in some instances . . . but those sorts of arguments usually apply to games when you are getting your a$$ kicked in the 1st H, and nothing changes in the 2nd H.
    Last night ( & the 2 games that have been cited from 2021) Hamilton was in control of the game. When you have a big lead at halftime, you do not expect the Coaches to go into the dressing room thinking, "Well that was great. Things really worked out well in the 1st H. Let's do something completely different in the 2nd H."
    Last year, you could argue that the 'Cats "took their foot off the gas" in the 2nd H of the two Home games where they squandered the lead. I don't even think that argument applies last night; Coach O was being aggressive.
    We just did not execute . . . we got beat in the 2nd H.


Yes improvement over Game 1. But when you are up 24 zip and then lose in OT it goes to prove you dont have that necessary killer instinct to win football games. Calgary did and they also outcoached us in the second half.

Coach O at halftime said we dont play to not lose we play to win. Well we lost the second half and the game and yes once again this sucks and hurts we have great fans the stadium looked fantastic eveything was there except we must win attitude. You must play all 60 minutes and not celebrate at halftime.


A couple of more beatdowns like last night should straighten you out.

You will probably be saying the same thing after game 18.

dont think the Kinks can even make the team, let alone make it better :slight_smile:

As bad as it seemed, no doubt the DBs were asked to play a little softer coverage 2nd half.
But had we won...

In the end of an OT game
Our DBs gave up 313 yards.
Theirs gave up 425 yards .

Not horrible.

What is horrible is that we put up 425 yards and still lost. People jumped on Masoli for this. Well, Dane Evens isn't any different that way, it seems. I don't like his turnovers also. On the good side, I thought he got rid of the ball a lot faster.


What will be truly horrible is after losing to the Blue again this Friday is that we lose to the Elks at home on Canada Day.

There is a saying show me the $; well its time they show us some wins.

DON'T take your foot off the gas play to WIN.