I'm calling it - It's OFFICIALLY a "Rebuilding Season"

No other explanation makes sense to me.
"Developing" an O-line in real-time (with potential injuries to Dane).
"Developing" a kicking game with raw rookies and a questionable Kicker. a missed PAT is inexcusable.
"Developing" corporate sponsorship without any payoff on the field.

It baffles the mind how THREE General Managers can fail so miserably year after year.

I hate to disagree here but this is NOT a rebuilding season , it is in actuality a rebuilding decade times two and counting .

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I should add that there was an almost total swath of two-year contracts signed during the off-season. Obviously this is for another push for the GC at home NEXT year.

Mind you, if Coach O keeps stepping on his weenie, then he may be the EX-Coach O...


The CFL season is like a marathon... in 2019 we were leading Montreal by 24 points just like you guys and then the wheels fell off. That game went down as the greatest comeback in Alouette history. It was a miserable day for us though.

But at the end of the season we had the Cup.

Look at it from OUR perspective.

I don't know about rebuilding....

Kinda like a "pause" year where we just try to maintain until the gREY cup is here next year. Pretty dumb to me because shouldn't we try to win the Grey Cup every year regardless of whether it's in Hamilton or not? And the O-Line has been "rebuilding" seemingly forever...

Then again, we suck at Grey Cups but are pretty good at East Finals...


Has anyone heard from coach-O yet? I can't wait to hear his explanation for this lose.

Here's a scary reality when it comes to this team and Grey Cup appearances since we won it on home turf in 1972 our W/L record since then ? Well I'm glad you asked although the answer might scare you . Since 1972 this team has appeared in the Grey Cup game 11 times . Their record for those 11 appearances you ask ? A scintillating 2 victories and 9 defeats .

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We were a dying team heading for the playoffs. Streveler had the helm and he was hobbling around in a walking boot. Our hopes were tanking.

It looks dark now but maybe you guys are only an import away from correcting your offensive line problems. The rest of the teams on the East aren't exactly lighting it up so there's still time to turn it around.

if only they had kicked the fg on 3rd and 2+ inside the 20, or whereever they were.

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The first time or the second time ?


We have the coaches and players. Just need to execute. This is not a rebuilding year.


well I didnt see all the game, but I believe TC first possession in second half was an int. Then they got an INT. Pretty sure they were inside the 20 on third and a long 2 when they went for it. I was saying no, no, take the fg. When they failed to make it, I got a bad feeling about the game.


It's funny that you think that, because aside from Revenberg, we have NO O-line.
How do you defend the horrid coaching decisions, inexcusable clock management, and the complete lack of half-time adjustments?
The receivers are average at best. At least they are "developing"...

Pepperidge Farm remembers when it was called the 5-year plan.

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It happens. Reference the 98 Eastern Final (almost).

Trust me, tonight cheesed me off as well.

I think we have the pieces to go all the way. Let’s see how they are in November.

The thing is, the team has gotten WORSE each season from 2019.


We went to the grey cup in 2019 and were annihilated. 2020 - no season. 2021 - We almost won the cup.
2022 - Maybe win the cup, then all will be forgiven.

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Your logic is sound. Prepare to get eaten by everyone else on this thread. :grin:

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You my friend are a funny guy .