--or at least the (edited) up part of his brain that convinced him of the shrewd nature of blitzing Winnipeg on the last play of the game when they had the 'Bombers pinned deep in their own zone and runing out the clock against BC when CLEARLY their was more chance of a botched field goal than of the Lions returning a kick-off for a touchdown...

GRANTED, there was more than one missed tackle on the play in Winnepeg and Jason Johnson should've caught the snap in BC. BUT THE COACH'S JOB IS NEVERTHELESS TO GIVE HIS PLAYERS THE VERY BEST CHANCE POSSIBLE TO WIN... Maciocia has not done this

...let's all hape he does soon :cry:

Now weirdo, even though you were on our forum last week trolling and trashing us, I will show more class and not return the favour. Nope. I'm going to let my compasionate side show up this time.

I think the Eskies should sign Machocia for life. Why? Before retirement, I went through a couple of down sizing situations. I know the stress of looking for work, wondering where your next meal is going to come from. I think Machocia is a very nice young man, probably with a young familly. I would be so sad to seem him on a street corner begging for change. His wife and children, barefoot with no shoes to wear in those cold Edmonton Winters. No, Hugh Campbell, please sign Mr. Machocia to a 20 year contract. Please create stability in his life.

Such a wonderful, thoughtful post, SM. :slight_smile:

i actually wouldn't mind if Maciocia stayed on as head coach: i would just prefer a more aggressive and eratic man calling the offence (and i'd replace Rick Campbell(def. co.)too if the right guy came up for the job)

A new offensive coordinator???

How about Paopao to help Machocia, :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I heard he is now available! :wink:

Yeah, Paopao could use a job, he's such a nice guy, and would get on well in Edmonton...


AND run an ill-fated swing pass every other play--no thanks

how about signing mike quinn to be a backup for ricky??? :lol:

Atleast quinn doesnt bobble the ball on his field goal attempts :thup:

WINNING has been a job requirement for the Eskimos staff,players and coaches since forever.One tough year after a Grey Cup win and everyone is finger pointing.

No--I've NEVER liked Maciocia's play calling.
you merely tend to put up w/ things like this when the team's winning.

The Esks really aged this year.