I'm being commited to an institution......

I have to share this funny story with all of you:

When I was down this weekend on the coast visiting, I went to Guilford Mall, and guess what I saw?

There was this todler in a stroller dressed in an Argo's jersey, complete with an Argo's flag. He had a green stuffed football player and was using the flag to beat the living day-lights out of this stuffy. The Mother was also wearing an Argo's jersey.

Now you know who that sounds like (Although the toddler was way too old to be Saskargo's recently born child) so I After killing myself laughing after seeing this sight, (My wife looked at me like I was crazy) I just had to ask, so I walked over to the Mother and asked if she was from Alberta. She wasn't. I asked if she had ever heard of the CFL forum. She didn't. So as my wife was tugging on my arm to keep moving, I apologised for the intrusion and explained that I thought that she might have been a "famous poster" off the web-site.

My wife now thinks I spend too much time on here and need to do other things. I can see my job jar getting bigger! Either that or she's going to lock me away as I'm getting too far involved here!

Don't let her crack the whip on you, show her who is boss here.

lol you're doomed ! Once the wife decide you have too much time on your hand, you're done mate ! :lol:

.....any wife who thinks her husband spends too much time on this site needs to have a bit of a conversation with me..... :smiley:

:lol: OMG :lol:

wait a sec

:lol: :lol: :lol:

you should have taken a picture! and posted on here, or on Canadian's Funniest

my wife likes to refer to herself as a football widow........

Does she have heaven for bid a twin sister! NO way!

I wished I would have had a video cam....I really thought this lady was related some way to Saskargo. I still chuckle as I think about it.!

Thats okay jm02.....as long as the chores get done around here I get to play on-line.

Also the other advantage is she is 6 years younger than I am, so she still works during the day while I do things around here, so she probably had no idea on how much time I actually spend here!

...I told my wife...I have been committed to an institution also Sporty...the CFL....SO DON'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL... MY GAME IS ON...I SAYS...as i am dialing up ticket master....I like to call the shots........sometimes :lol: :shock:

Well Sporty the wife will always have her say right!

But then again you will come


Too funny redwhite! You're in big doodoo Sportsmen but I feel for you man.


Oh, I'm not in trouble....Just have to manage my time.....Get the chores and projects done, and then I have time to goof off!

Ya Sporty I know I am the king in my castle as well!

WOW you met my sister.LOL
Nope it wasn't moi.
Funny story!!!!

I got picture of your sister!

I thought you’d enjoy it. But I had to ask if it were you!