I'm Bad. Really Bad. I know...But...

I am still not comfortable seeing women doing sideline interviews at football games. After all these yrs, it still just doesnt seem right.

I have the same reaction when they talk about other sports during the game. Its football. Its Guys. Its 3 hrs away from everything else in life, including women. grrr

Of course, my wife, an avid football fan, although she cheers for the wrong teams, doesn agree with me, sigh

Whats the difference...

I dont have ANY problem with it, although it took
me awhile to get use to Cassie Campbell.

Now i think shes more comfortable, and so am i.

I guess its a difference for me because there were none for the first couple of decades plus that I watched football.

and there was for me???

I dont remember women on the sidelines during the 60's and 70's??

They may sound sexist, and it probably is, but I figured they started bringing in women for two reasons: 1) To bring in the girlfriends, and 2) Eye candy for the men.

could be to get more female viewers, but I suspect mostly just the push to give women equal opportunity at all jobs, which I am all for, but just doesnt seem right in this situation.

Eye Candy?

wow you must have extremely low standards Chief! hehehe

I don't know who should be more insulted, me or the female reports on the sidelines... :expressionless:

my favorite female sideliner, was lesley visser. I thought she did a good job. Still wasnt thrilled though

They don't need sideline reporters at all. They never find out anything useful anyways.

"What are the keys to making a comeback in the second half?"
"We have to play sound football, eliminate mistakes, and make plays when we have the chance."

Wow thanks, like I haven't heard that at halftime of every football game, ever.

I agree 99% of the comments are cliches or meaningless drivel so that nothing is given away. How about an open mike in the stands- now that would be exciting though the censor board would have a field day!!!!!!!!!

How about Chris Cuthbert and the crowd noise? Nobody else needed.

Being someone like myself who is involved with the media as a volunteer, in my oppinion, is not a issue of men or women doing the interviews, but more so, someone who knows nothing about football giving the interveiws.
I say let former ball players give the interviews.

Thats pretty much it. They want more women in the broadcast teams.

The problem is that not many women know anything about football. So they need to put them in a spot where that lack of experience doesn’t cause a problem: sideline reporters.

Perhaps your wife is living in THIS decade. That comment not only offends me, as a man, it embarresses me. I appologise, on my sexes behalf, to the women of this forum for having to read this backward hopscotch.


I don’t mind the female sideline reporters, but I’m sure not a fan of the ones working for the CBC…they seem to be reaching for the right words all the time…

I don't mind Brenda Irving. She is somewhat attractive but without being a 'barbie doll'. So she doesn't look ridiculous like some of the ladies you see on the sidelines.

But I agree with the 'no sideline reporters' needed group. I think the sideline camera catches all the emotion that is worth getting.

^ And that's what I meant when I said eye candy. I was using the term loosely. The women are attractive without looking like a Paris Hilton or something.

And I don't mind the sideline reporters, at least not the ones in the NFL. Suzy Kohbler and the other girl (her name escapes me right now) are pretty decent, and they always have good information about injuries and that sort of thing.