I'm back!

G'day mates, did you miss me?

I'm still at home, but I'll be moving back to college this weekend, but I fund some time to talk today.

SO, I'll be updating my standings after this week, last week I was 1 and 3, :cry:, but I could have been 3 and 1 if Ray didn't fuck up (I saw the game in a Hotel on Cox Sports in New England, so don't tell me I don't know jack! :evil:) and if the Cats got there frist win (didn't see the game, but they should have had it! :twisted:)

Hartford was my favoite part of the trip, lovely city with pretty buildings. The Patroits are @$$holes for not moving there, and the Whalers are fuck ers for leaving. If I had to live in the US but couldn't live in FLA, I'd live in Hartford cuz it's a nice city (like I imargine Winnipeg to be, but bigger).

My condolencences to Peter Jennings family for their loss, I'll miss Mr. Jennings distric voice on ABC news. He was born in Canada, but like some great Canadains (and Australians, I might add), became American but I'm sure his loss is felt by all in the great wide north.

Other than that, what's been going on?

Welcome back KK

Let me ask you all something?

CFL: Bigger Field, 3 downs

NFL: Smaller Field, 4 downs???

ArenaFL: I’m not even going to start there!!!

What’s wrong will this picture?

I don’t mind or care abou the NFL feild size, but it should take them 4 downs to make 10 yards when it takes the CFL 3.

I know I’m stating the oivious here, but once one understands this, one doesn’t go back to the NFL.

The only thing the NFL has going for it is Great players, that’s it.

We have great players here , too........they just get paid allot less........welcome back. :wink: :smiley:

That's ture, the CFL has great Canadain players and players that were too small or whatever to play in the NFL.

But unfotunatly, the CFL has shit players (not to say that the NFL dooesn't but the CFL ends up with there doug food) that didn't make the NFL (I don't mean Ray cuz he came back to the CFL cuz he wasn't getting attension, not cuz he was bad), and the CFL suffers in the Pre season and the opeing weeks from penetilies made by rookie players and American players who don't understand the CFL game yet.

But besides that, the players play good football, as we have seen in the past few weeks.

...and a mistake in the NFL is 100 times worse than in the CFL.

Hey KK, dont study too hard, welcome back, Bombers could get there second win of the season this weekend if they can beat the Ticats, a few changes to the line up since youve been away, mostly for the better we hope, couldnt of got much worse.

G-Day! Settled in at school yet? How's the big apple? (smells huh?) lol
Good to have u back mate. :wink:

The CFL field is not only longer, it's larger. So, technically, in the CFL, there is more room to run to when trying to lose coverage. It is more complicated for the defense to cover all that space. So it is perceived as easier to gain yardage, hence why we don't need 4 downs to get a first. However, I believe this factor is somehow counterbalanced by the fact the field is more crowded in the CFL (24 players on the field instead of 22).

whats goin on double K

While you were gone, Marty York reported that an Rich Alaskan Oil Businessman bought the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and moved them to Anchorage. The new name is the Anchorage Ice Dogs. Your wish for eexpansion in Alaska has come true!

Just Kiddin......I guess Summer vacation is almost over for you?

Since I started watching a bit of arena leauge football, I now find the American field very, very small, a sort of arena league size. Funny, I never used to think it was that small before the arena league came around, a perception thing I guess.

You know what they say about perception... If you spend an hour with a pretty girl, you are perceived to be a Don Juan. If you put your hands on the stove's top for a minute, you are perceived to be another one of those masochist Rider fans...

Wait a minute ... Hartford like Winnipeg?? Ok - You have never been to Winnipeg, yet you always talk about how you want to live there? Oh boy ... hahaha - this makes me laugh. You better like -50c winters, +30c summers, mosquitoes and murderers ... and you better not be attached to your car ... it will be stolen.


Good ol' Winnipeg. Welcome back fellow Bomber fan KK.

nice to hear from you Kanga ...we're still holding the fort...though the natives are gettin a little restless... you.don't want to compare Wpg. to any American city as the difference between the people is too great to measure....us being a lot more friendlier for one...and WE being geographically superior as well...... :!:

Don't be too sure ... Drunkeness is often mistaken for "friendliness" in Winnipeg. I love how a city can boast about its "friendly" nature - yet its the murder capitol of Canada damn near every year ... "The guy who beat me to death with a hockey stick was so friendly." ... "The guy who stole my car was SO friendly" ... "The guy who crawled through the McDonalds drive-thru window at 4am with a samuri sword, whilst it was -53c was so friendly" ... Lots of friendly people downtown portage & main past 5pm.

Just because it says "friendly manitoba" on your stolen car's license plate .. doesn't necisarily make it friendly. Heh ... Great place to be from.


another Great Canadian heard from....Statik....have you ever gone over some of the murder stats. from states-side. how about some of the other crime rate.....I bet we are alot lower per-capita....and I know it's a little tough being a flag-waiver in your own country but give it a try...and quote the good points about a city like WPG. and the country that is the best in the world....Canada ...bar none......

Well, Hartford was pretty good, so I guess Winnipeg will be 100 timer better! :wink:

Thanks for welcoming back everyone! Good to be back!

Hey, Geo! how are you? NYC was cool, but smelled like shit . But the greatest thing abou NYC now is that WTC Building #7 has been rebuild 8) , so some of the skyline is back!

Hey everyone! is it just me, or is the CFL becoming more like the NFL and less like a original league that I know and love??? (New Jerseys that look like NFL ones, Divisions logos look like the NFL confenrences logos, etc.)

The crime rate in Winnipeg (or Canada, FTM) can't be that bad! Atlanta is probaly worst, I know the traffic here is like the 4th or 5th worst in the country, I can't even imargine that Winnipeg can have wroster traffic than Atlanta or other US/Canada cities.

you are correct .. I'm sure Atlanta's got a worse crime rate ... and considering winnipeg only has a couple of streets with more than 2 lanes of traffic .. thats almost a certainty that traffic isn't even comparible to Atlanta ...

Still - I think you are a strange dude for wanting to live there. Aside from the local football team ...