I'm Back! Finally!

Hey Everyone

I'm back! it has been the worst 8 months but it is all over now and I'm extremely happy it is. For all those that read my post 7 months ago about my mother undergoing emergency brain surgery in July and gave me and my family the best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery well your wishes were well received and my mother is at home now and doing 100% better than she was in the ICU at General Hospital only 7 months ago recovering from 5 anurisms. Also the stuffed TC I received from the head office of the Ti-Cats it never left her side. So for all thoes members that posted comments and wish me and my family well I would just like to say Thank You!

awsome, thats wonderful to hear, my mother also had brain surgery and recoverd, i kno exactly how u must feel.
all the best from me :slight_smile:
go cats

Thanks it has been hard but it is all behind us now and its feeling good now just to wake up in the morning and see your mother instead of travelling to a hospital when ever I wanna talk to her or just say Hi Mom

That is great news, GBonds. Enjoy every minute.