I'm back baby!

Hey Cfl fans! Remember me? I left the forum when the Renegades (read Ottawa Rough Riders) left town in 2006.
I told you all I was leaving this Forum and wouldn't be back until Ottawa got back in the League.
Well, I'm back baby!!!

As Pierre Trudeau would say if he were here, "Well , welcome to 2013!!""

Can't wait for the REAL ROUGH RIDERS to hit the field in '14!!


Go RedBlacks Go!!!!

I'm just impressed you remembered your password. :smiley:

and I'm surprised he kept his promise, unlike most who make similar threats.
Welcome back to the asylum m'boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

supersmith wrote: I told you all I was leaving this Forum and wouldn't be back until Ottawa got back in the League. Well, I'm back baby!!!

Took me long enough to remember my Username! :wink:

Just a word of advice, the CFL is a unifying force in Canada. Any mention of Trudeau could ruin that. :lol: :cowboy: :lol:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkbsYGtDB3o :lol: :lol: :cowboy:

So you will be here for a good time, not a long time when the team folds again? :roll: :roll:

We think alike !

Never mind the "F" word,how about the "T" word!!! :lol: :cowboy: :lol:

Trudeau - "Canada is a bilingual nation coast to coast, that's what it is"… etc. Oops Pierre, you forgot to mention you might want to make sure they are teaching French in Leamington Ontario from grade 1 on and have all the provincial highway signs fully bilingual before you start proclaiming Canada is bilingual coast to coast. It would have helped. You were a very smart man and very intelligent, but theory needs to happen in the streets to make the theory real.

I don't know if this is a feel-good post or not. Supersmith's team folds, so he loses complete interest in the Canadian game? And now he's put out a HUGE "Welcome Me Back" post? Hmmm. :roll:

Yeah, I think that's what I'm hearing too. And why channel Pierre, circa 2013? Weird.


Along those lines, when the plan was announced to bring a team back in late 2007, the extra voice of support would have been nice, Supersmith. On behalf of those who remained active in order to try to help to see this thing through, you're welcome.

Yeah, Plone, er Plane, er however its pronunciated, I was gonna stick around and cheer for another team. Uh, yeah, sure. Don't think so. Without Ottawa, the League doesn't or didn't exist.
I'm sure you thought the same when you first lost your NHL team.
I wish no ill will against anyone. So, enjoy your team and I will enjoy mine.

Yes by all means, let the conspiracy theories begin :roll:

I believe it was Supersmith who was hiding in the grassy knoll.

Oh, push to 1800, I hate odd numbers :smiley: