I'm Back............. And this thread title has extra characters because the system demands it

Took a 3 month break from the Board because I couldn't stand the thought of extending to a continuous off season of more than 12 months. Kudos to the faithful here!

So, give me a rundown 'cause I ain't reading the 900 posts in the off-season thread. Did I miss anything? Highlights?

(This should draw a few snarky comments at me.)

P.S. Did you also know that in addition to a minimum 10 characters for posts THERE'S A MINIMUM OF 15 FOR THREAD TITLES? And it thinks repeated characters make the title UNCLEAR? (What bureaucratic nimrod set up this system? I know Sully told us that there are lots of off the shelf features that can't be changed.)


Hey ticats wake up, not signing anyone.

Predictions that a ton of free agents are leaving.

June Jones vs Kent Austin

Andrew Harris is a cheater

Cats sign a ton of players

Vaccine/covid discussion

All is well. GC here we come.

.... That's about it.


Both "Hey ticats wake up, not signing anyone" and "Predictions that a ton of free agents are leaving" are annual posts which are always great for a good belly laugh.


Cage Match?

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The sky has fallen again, I see.

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:sunglasses: No Mark, it was a "falls count anywhere match" :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good summary. I wish I had read that 3 months ago, would have saved me a lot of time.

Something tells me the list will be remarkably similar in Feb. 2022.

P.S. if you want the summary of what the main CFL boards look like, it’s something like this:

CFL needs to expand to US, Europe , Mexico, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

Covid/Vaccine discussions

Ambrosie is a knob

How do we get more people to Argo games

Legalized pot

Add gambling revenue for the league

Team x,y ( insert team you dislike most) must be over the cap by now.

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Interesting list. I haven't been to that board in quite some time. In the past, all topics could fit into a single group: "Absolutely everything about the CFL must change."


What were the benefits of Turkmenistan? I would have thought Kazakhstan a better bet? The stadium is nicer.




Ah yes we forgot the PPV will save this league discussion.


Oh, yeah. Like the blackouts did years ago. Good plan.


Much like Saskatchewan, Kazakhstan has all that cash from exporting potassium, if you believe Borat anyway. But Turkmenistanis are more prone to hollowing out large rinds of fruit and placing them on their heads, and travelling everywhere with their team, just like Rider fans.


Ah yes, not to mention why won’t Halifax build a damn stadium already

Ahhhhhh.... I see.

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That’s what happens when you leave Soviet rule, all law and order in society breaks down.

You forgot to mentioned the Kitty-cats re-signed "King of the Cheap Shot Artist", Simoni Lawrence. Watch out CFL

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Do the Turkmen also vote en masse to make sure they win every “best of the former Soviet republics’ internet poll?

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No, they vote in the "best of former soviet republics imaginary true democracy run by an autocrat with lifetime power" polls.


Gotta hand it to you Mark, you are definitely up on your Turkmenistan politics. Long live Garbanguly!

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It's a gift. And now that I have returned, I re-commit to sharing the gift of nonsense relief with the Board. Remember, I grew up actually knowing these guys:

It prepares you for anything you can find on these boards! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nominations for a new triumvirate always welcome and accepted.