I'm baaaaack! Let's go Lions!

Hey guys, haven’t been around to post at all for the last few months. I’ve been extremely busy here at the University of Western Ontario. I was thinking of flying home for the big game tomorrow (like I did last year) but have too much work to do here. I guess watching it on TV and getting calls from my family while they’re at the game should suffice.

I am very much looking forward to this matchup against the Eskies. I really hope for a good crowd of more than 40,000. While it won’t be the 55,000+ from last year, it should still be loud enough to make a difference. Anybody have an update on the ticket count?

Well at least you didnt state you were leaving this website and show up anyways....hmmm now where did i read that before :slight_smile:

WB roar...

Thanks dude. Anyone have an updated ticket count of the West Final? I'm hoping for over 40,000 at BC Place. The louder the better.

On CBC they said you guys only got 37,000 and that is very pathetic for an indoor stadium final game. It was very nice in Edmonton today(sunny, warm, hasn't snowed here yet), and I would have guaranteed that we would have had 55,000 plus had we won the last reg season game vs. calgary and hosted the west final.

Crowd was dissapointing but not surprising considering the downward spiral the Lions have been on the last 8 games. This team had the worst record in the second half of the season and had to rely on Calgary to win us the West. Not a huge surprise. Plus, the game wasn't marketed too well.

Yes it was disappointing for the lower then expected turnout but I guess once again it shows how the Couve by en large is not totally enamoured with the Lions. More like bandwaggon jumpers. As for next year, who stays and who goes(DD vs CP)? What about the Grey Cup and even though it is a sellout, will alot of fans try to dump tickets?

Yeah, I don't think the team really inspired the people of Vancouver heading into the playoffs the way they did.

It's really too bad. Had the Lions went into the playoffs with some momentum and not needing Calgary to win the West for them, I'm sure fans would have felt differently. Unfortunately, especially in Vancouver, we have a 'what have you done for me lately?' type of attitude (especially with the Lions). The Canucks will continue to sell-out every game, but the Lions need to bank on playing well and entertaining and marketing well. Unfortunately, the Lions play prior to and during this game was piss poor, and the marketing was highly dissapointing. I guess I am just a frustrated Lions fan who expected more from the team then what they showed today.

Don't feel so bad, mate, the Lions played a great game!

(pat on the back)

you going to the GC still?

Bang on!

The talk shows kind of reflected that.

Also low attendance, a lot of people shelled out for Grey Cup but didn’t buy Western Final…Crazy!

wimper lions wimper,lolololol.....better luck next year..