im afraid to say it..but playoff predictions!

well the other day i seen Toronto beat Winnipeg pretty convincly and looks like Toronto is going to get first place not unless they lose to saskatchewan next week and Winnipeg wins there game.

I dont think Toronto will beat saskatchewan next week but then i dont see Winnipeg winning there game next week so more then likely it will be

  1. Toronto having 1st place
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Montreal

I think i would want Montreal to win because the way Winnipeg played Toronto i think Montreal has a better chance in beating Toronto to go to the grey cup. Marcus Brady played quite well for Montreal when they played Calgary.

As for the west:

  1. B.C
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary

Calgary doesnt have any chance in beating Saskatchewan. I really think its going to be B.C and Saskatchewan in the final. I think B.C will win and go to the grey cup. Well a 50/50 chance..its either saskatchewan or B.C.

With the way Toronto is playing since they were 2-6 they have won like 6-7 games in a row and im afraid to say it but i think there going to be in the Grey Cup in Toronto and facing either Saskatchewan or B.C.

It will be pretty interesting to see


If yesterdays games were any indication, the east will be represented in the Grey Cup by the Al's.

In the west I agree, it is a toss up between the Riders and Lions. But whichever team it is from the west, will win.

AC is not returning this season and he's the stick that stirs the Al's drink. The 'Peg has lots of nicked up guys. I say the Argos from the East. Although it's hard to look past a team with 3 good QBs like BC has, Sask. is hungry and good.

Argos and Roughies in the GC. Argos win at home.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argos did not win convincingly. Both defenses were on fire.