I'm a Starter, WooHoo

I gotta tell you, I am enjoying this much more than I thought I would, From the Schooners and a 10th team, And to being able to see the passion from each teams fan base, Who ever looks after this site and makes it happen a big fat thanks for the time and effort you folks put into this. This is an amazing League and we are fortunate to have it. Its up to all of us to push for the 10th Team in Halifax, then watch this League grab the younger folks we need to keep this on firm footing, Cheers from Ottawa and again Thanks man,

I’m bewildered. After a year on this board you still don’t know don’t know that it’s Sully who looks after this site?


the “starter” needs to be benched… :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t really need to respond like this to a positive post from a relative newby, did you?

It really isn’t that hard to not know what Sully does or who he is after just one year.

Sully? Wasn’t he the guy who landed the plane full of people on the Hudson river?

I’m sorry. As an old veteran I know that it’s the Administrator who posts the Rules of a forum that are generally in a sticky at the top of this page but that’s a detail that may not be obvious to less experienced posters.


But Sully really should provide a list of the mods at the bottom of the front page of this board as is often done on many other forums. It really is tough to track down which members are the mods on this forum. It requires stumbling upon them by accident.


Sully does do a great job of keeping this site going.

I need a ‘Lurker’ category. I read more than I contribute.

;D ;D

Thanks guys! I hope to expand the visibility and population of the forums this year, it should be a good one!


LOL, I’ve been on here for 15? years and I don’t know who Sully is, or what he does…
But then again, I have no idea how a website is run either.


It’s the Administrator who decides upon and posts the rules on a forum. These rules are posted where they’re tough to miss. This usually means they’re in a Sticky which stays at the top of the page which is precisely the situation here.

So let me put it this way. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I had no trouble finding out the name of the Administrator on this board. His name was exactly where I expected it to be.


I guess I just didn’t care? I don’t go to a message baord to find out the name of an administrator.

Give this man the Blue Ribbon.

15 years? Somehow I feel like you should be in charge here more anyway as well not that Sully and the mods have not been doing an excellent job for years now.

Consider our civil and substantive and fun experience here as compared to the likes of FB, Twitter, or any given blog for years now.

I do not take it for granted.

Me in charge, LOL - no.

I also don’t do FB, Twitter and I don’t even know how to find a blog.

Google. Bing and Yahoo are other widely used search engines.


still trying to figure out which engine to get in my new truck this year.

Bingo ! Before the interweb came along I never watched soap operas and never gossiped so why would I waste my time now with all the gossip crap, it’s even on TV. Why is everyone so curious how everyone else feels ?.. In real life I find a lot of rudeness and selfishness.

My pick: