I'm a Rider fan

Well done Allouettes! That was one of the best games I've ever seen. It's games like this we hope to see when we pay for our tickets. I sincerely believe both teams played well enough to win, unfortunatly it wasn't my team this time.

I have been following the commentary after the game and everything I've seen relating to Allouettes has been positive and respectful. Your team and coaches are a class act; you loose with grace and you win with grace. Thank you for not rubbing it in or bragging.

Also, thanks for knocking off BC. I think you've just become my second favourite team.



Thanks for the classy post

Thanks Ronbo...that is a really classy statement on your part. You have a fine team there and truth is that game could have gone either way. Should be a very interesting 2010!

I would like to add my two cents' worth.

I know a lot has been made about the "13th man" (i.e. too many men) costing the Riders the cup. Technically, it was the play that sealed the deal for the Riders and Als in regulation time. However, that is not the reason the Riders lost the GC this time around.

The Riders came to play, no doubt about that. Their fine bunch of Canadian receicers and Darian Durant were working on all cylinders, especially in the first half. However, while they had the Als on the ropes in the first half, they failed to seal the deal. A 14-point lead against a 15-3 team (could have been 16-2!) is simply not enough. Several first half Rider drives ended in field goals when touchdowns would have been better. Also, the Als' D came up big when they had to to keep the score from getting out of hand.

In the 2nd half, the Als hit their stride much better. Mind you, the Als were still struggling with stupid penalties and the league's leading scorer having a horrible day at the office, but the Als O started clicking, and the Riders couldn't answer. The fact is that the Als clawed their way back bit by bit to get within a few points. THERE, I humbly submit, was the turning point. The last play, while very embarrassing, meant that the game was lost in regulation time. I thought we were heading into overtime when either the Riders or the Als could have won. In the second half, it was a toss-up who would come out victorious.

One thing for sure - the Riders are a great football team, but the Als, at least this year, were better, and it was their year. Next year - who knows? I hope that the Argos and the Ticats get their act together to make it an even more competitive league. I love the NCAA, the NFL, but I think my heart remains with the CFL.

That is exactly how I felt last season when Calgary beat us 3 times straight. I felt the Als had worked really hard and I was proud of them but they had been beated by a team that was a little bit better and in fact I felt the difference was Chris Jones knowing our defense strenghts and weaknesses that gave Calgary the edge.

The future of the Riders is very bright. Durant is the real deal, the team is over flowing with Canadian talent, 4 of the top 8 picks in this coming draft, lots of money and a quality football personnel team. It will be very difficult for the other Western teams to keep up with the Riders for the next two to three seasons.

How can the Riders have "4 of the next 8 picks in the coming draft" when they only have a total of 3 in the draft? Hence, #4 and#7 in round 1 and #34 in round 5.


It's good to hear that not all Riders fans only took the negative out of the Grey Cup loss. What a positive post.

Welcome to the forum there Miss... :thup: