I'm a Rider Fan

I know that the Rider fans have been taking some heat here lately and would like to set the record straight. I am not like some of these so called fans that decide to jump on a band wagon and put on a colored jersey and call themselves a football fan. These are the ones that are only looking for a party, and for a reason to get rowdy, and give everyone else who wears that color of jersey a bad name.

I am a football fan, most notably a CFL fan who cheers for the Riders. I watched my first football game on TV in 73 between Hamilton and Winnipeg. In 76 I had the opportunity to go to my first CFL game live, the Riders beat Edmonton 40 to 0. My worst memory was Tony Gabriel catching that pass with 23 seconds left in the 76 Grey Cup game, I was 10 years old at the time. I have stuck with the Riders through the bad years, took my 6 month old daughter to Taylor field to meet the team after they won the 89 Grey Cup. Met all the players in 07 with all 4 of my kids. We all got our pictures taken with the Grey Cup after the Riders won it in 07, Our school was the first place the cup went to after the Riders won it. My parents have been season ticket holders for 20 some years, and I am also a ticket holder but not nearly as long. My kids actually fight over my ticket when I am unable to attend. I watch every game that is broadcast on TV if I am able to. Even though we lost the cup to the Als this year, I was happy for Cavillo and his wife and kids after the past couple of years that they have been through and for the other deserving player on the Als team. They are a very classy organization all around.

What really pisses me off is when I hear storys like the Duval family having beer poured on them and other incidents being blamed on Rider fans or other teams fans. These guys are not fans, they are idiots who decided to put on a colored jersey. Whether it is a Green jersey or Red or some other color does not mean that they are a fan of that team, they are simply wagon jumpers looking for a party. They act like idiots and give the real fans of the CFL a bad name. The guy who poured beer on the Duval family (if it really happened as reported) is a criminal for assaulting them and should be arrested. I apologize for how long this was but I think that the true fans of the CFL no matter what color of jersey you wear deserve better than to be labled because of a bunch of idiots. Thanks for letting me vent.

That is so true! Couldn't have said it better myself! :thup:

Unfortunately there are idiot fans in every sport, its good to hear stories of real fans that go for the game and not to just party and have no regard for others.

Except with soccer in Scotland. No riots or violence there EVER!

That's all we are saying really. Rider fans are being hijacked by individuals who are not football fans but want to be part of a MOB.

Well said,even if ur a Rider fan. :wink: