I'm a RedBlacks fan in 2014 and beyond

Just wanted to let you all know I plan to cease all of my fan support for the Alouettes and adopt the RedBlacks as my team next year. I'm a diehard fan of the Rough Riders and when they shutdown decades ago I was crushed.

Now that we all understand each other. Feel free to introduced yourself to me and vice versa. I don't bite.

Go RBs! <that's easy to say because I crave Arby's beef and cheddar fast food>

That being said, is it possible to become Canadian (legally) from the United States? It would be cool to move to Ottawa. What's the economy there, like? I would buy season tickets and be one of those guys in a red/black outfit for each game.


Whereabouts in the States are you? Do you think you'll be able to plan a trip around the team's first game?

Welcome Future RedBlack fan. It is possible to move here and work. My new Son in law will be doing just that on September 1st. You will need to prove that you are working and stay employed. There's more to it than that you will have to fill out some paper work but it is very possible. As for work and employment Ottawa has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. If your a worker you will find work thats for sure. High tech jobs are on the rise again here. But work is available in every field.

PS. Leave the guns at the border. Our crime rate is very low and we want to keep it like that.

Are you saying you can't move to Ottawa without having a job in hand first? The plan would be to move to Ottawa and then begin a job search living off of my past American savings.

Can a person get both Canadian citizenship in addition to American citizenship or do you have to forfeit American citizenship?

You could do a lot worse than move to Ottawa. Ottawa is clean, safe, and MoneySense rates it #1 place to live in Canada almost every year! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/st ... -live.html
I've traveled all over the world, and imo Ottawa is one of the best kept secrets! I'd start here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomers/ ... _newcomers

And yet so many people complain, it's unbelievable.

I get so annoyed when people say there's nothing to do in Ottawa. It's not that there isn't anything to do, it's that you're not bothering to look for it and/or to get off the couch to make your way to it.

We have all kinds of festivals whether cultural, musical, etc. With new soccer, football and basketball teams coming too, we shouldn't be hurting for entertainment options.

I can't devote the amount of time to it that I used to, but from 2009 to 2011, I would attend about 30 amateur football games a year; CIS, junior, varsity, whatever. And that's just one sport!

Every time i plan a trip to a canadian city, someone asks why, then tells me theres nothing to do there.
People are dumb.
If you look, and plan well, there wont be a moment of boredom.

Here in Ohio, I'm probably the only person that would wear CFL stuff let alone Ottawa sportswear. I don't get it.

I have never seen anyone wearing CFL stuff here in Ohio.

I'm definitely getting a hat and t-shirt. I already have black vinyl sweat pants so we're covered there.

I could use a RB bobblehead of Russ Jackson for my desk. The plan is to get an Ottawa mini-helmet off of Amazon too.

So long to the Als, hello to the RBs (Arby's)!

But it's NOT RBs it's REDBLACKS one word! Which makes the initials OR - Ottawa REDBLACKS

From what my son in law tells me he can stay here for 6 months without having a job. Once you get a job within that 6 months you will just have to prove you are permanently employed. I'm not too sure how it works after that you would have to inquire at immigration canada. He will eventually be getting dual citizenship.

There are two reasons why you would not have to give up your U.S. citizenship. First, Canada allows dual citizenship (even though technically the U.S. doesn't), and second, you can't be forced by a foreign government to renounce your citizenship. Besides, renouncing your citizenship is far more hassle than most people are willing to put up with.

As for living there legally, you would still have to apply for landed immigrant status. Even though some 400,000 or so receive this status every year, there is no guarantee that you would get it by moving to Ottawa, but getting a job first would definitely grease the wheels. You may also require, unless you are rich, a sponsor of some sort to ensure that you don't end up on the dole.

Simply moving to Ottawa without a work visa will only get you punted once they find out you've overstayed your welcome.

They're usually referring to Vancouver when they say there is nothing to do there :wink:

EZ, stay in the states.....please