I'm a cfl newbie

It’s true - my dad has a game videotaped off of NBC Sports where the Stamps played the Esks in Commonwealth.

It’s fun watching it too - The Eskimos had 52 000 season ticket holders that year :!: , the Stadium was rocking, and Warren Moon was truly awesome in the CFL, like he was in the NFL. He killed that Stamps team.

To answer the original post, I would reccommend NOT cheering for the Saskatchewan Roughriders - sure they have the most loyal fans, but it must really suck to have your team find a new way to lose every year.


another cfler from England was Dave Ridgway.

Yes I know that…picky…picky… :wink: :lol:

TORONTO…best player is the coach?..how about , kevin eiban…damon allen…our defence and special teams. :wink:

yeah, damon allen is probably the best QB in CFL history…he’s 12000 yards ahead of everyone else in passing yards, and he’s the leagues number one active rusher with over 11000 yards, thats number 3 all time.

The Lions are probably the most exciting team to watch. Best 1-2 QB duo and hands down the best Recieving core in the league, as well as a decent Running Back.

Thier secondary is kinda weak, so even the opposition gets lots of points.

Edmonton could be similar with an awesom 1-2 QB duo, but thier recievers aren’t as good as BC’s.

If you like low scoring football, the Argos are a good choice, but everyone hates Toronto unless they are from there.

not the NFL, let’s see the fuck ed up MLB go into a lock out. I’d love that!

sweet REVENGE!

I wonder if they also covered the All Star game, that was still going in those days.

NBC sould at least cover a CFL game or two (like Friday Night Football), then they have the bragging rights of beening these football channel cuz they now have Monday Night Football and they show the AFL.

they showed Lacrosse, Why not?

I remember that…an ARGOS was on as well…to bad the games were both duds…I think that CALGARY won by 55 points. :smiley:

52,000 season ticket holders? Holy crap!

Top British Bulldogs included.the now retired (2004) Paul Osbaldiston (former Ticat) from OldamLancashire
In British terms the Argos are like a London teamso you will either love them or loath them…
Kind Regards

The CFL on NBC was a bold experiment to satisfy American football appetites during the 1982 NFL strike. They picked up Sunday afternoon games in the regular NFL time slot, and showed them with their regular NFL broadcast teams. Unfortunately, most of the CFL games they picked up were blowouts, and the network and fans quickly lost interest.

During the first week of the NFL strike, NBC picked up a doubleheader: B.C. at Toronto (Lions won 42-14 IIRC, with Roy Dewalt somersaulting into the end zone on one TD) and Calgary at Edmonton. I drove down to Portland, Oregon, to watch the NBC broadcast because the Seattle station was blacked out. It was a memorable experience.

To Hellothere

I was just buggin and hope no-one took my post seriously. Toronto has a very good coach and very good players and deservedly won the grey cup last year. If you notice I didn’t exempt any team from ridicule, even my Riders

As far as players from England go, Calgary had a DL from King’s Lynn England, Mark Pearce, actually drafted in the Canadian College draft and considered a non-import as he played football for a Canadian University. IIRC wasn’t kicker Mark McLaughlan originally born in England?

Honestly I swear my mom went to school in Winnipeg with Mark McLaughlan. He was older than her though.

:?: Arrogance of the fans? Arrogance of the fans you say? Pish and twaddle to you Sir! The Green People make my life as a Blue Person more interesting.

Anyone wanting to select a team to root for should consider the Green dudes and the Bomber dudes because you can find at least one fan, of one of those teams, in every bar on the planet. And boy! Do they love to talk football.

Hey Green’n’Grey, DAVE RIDGWAY was born in Manchester, ENGLAND. (although he grew up in Ontario, went to College in Ohio, and now lives in Nevada).

Most objective Riders fan on the board…cheers. 8)

Pish and twaddle?

Pish and twaddle?