I'm a cfl newbie

Hi all, I'm new to the Cfl and was wondering who should I support and why? I'm from the Uk where we've all been weaned for 23 years on Nfl football and never seen the wonders of the Cfl version until recently.
Its gotta be more fun if you follow a particular team so who and why? :?:

picking a team to follow is something you gotta decide. maybe a canadian city you visited? a team name your interested in? i dunno, favorite color?

my suggestion is to follow this season with an open mind and by the end maybe you have picked one.

but may i recomend the saskatchewan roughriders. they have the most loyal fans for a team that has won the least amount of championships.

Nah you gotta cheer for their rivals mate. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Just as long as you don't cheer for the British Columbia Lions because they have "British" in their name. Trust me, that province is a far cry from it.

If you live in a CFL city why not the home team. Otherwise maybe sit back and watch a few games. You might see a style or team or player that catches your eye and then you would have a team to root for. Good luck

im not gonna say which team you should cheer for..it depends on what kind of football u like.
if you like defensive teams..perhaps the stamps, alouettes, or argonauts
passing teams.....the esks or lions
if ya like rooting for the underdog, maybe the blue bombers or renegades
for all around teams perhaps the eskimos, alouettes, lions, riders, or ticats

I have to agree on enjoying the season first, then picking a team. Or go with the home team. Truth be todl there are only 8 teams worth following, is you follow my drift Saskatchwan. :wink: j/k

I'll agree with the British Columbia comment, but not the Bombers one. The only time I can stand to cheer for them is if they are in the Grey Cup against an eastern team.
Of course, I'm gonna tell you to cheer for the Riders. Here's why:

  1. Tradition. They've been around for a long, long time.
  2. Passion. It's doubtful that you'll find any team (at least, CFL team) that is as passionate as the Riders fans. That's not always good, of course - we tend to get on others nerves once in a while.
  3. Loyalty. What other team can claim such devotion from such meagre results. You can check out the numbers for yourself (I just did) - more posts and discussions in the Riders forum than any other one.
  4. We're everywhere. When I lived in Calgary, Alberta, McMahon Stadium was called the third largest city in Saskatchewan when the Riders came to town. You'll have a brotherhood spread throughout Canada and probably the world (other teams can claim this, but not to the extent of the Riders).
  5. More players from England than any other team. Okay, so I'm making that up. But on that note, just out of curiousity, does anyone know if there have been any CFLers from England?

Reasons not to cheer for the Riders.

  1. We lose. Repeatedly. Infamously (we spoiled Hamilton's perfect losing season two years ago). Heart-breakingly (see the last two games against BC last season). To put it mildly, you have to have a lot of heart to cheer for the Riders, cuz they somehow seem to rip it out every year. If you need to cheer for a team that wins consistently, then the Riders are not that team. We all (that is, Rider fans) pray they will have a dynasty some day, but history has made it seem unlikely.
    But when they do win, it is one of the sweetest things you will ever know.

Anyway, good luck picking a team. If you haven't watched the CFL much, feel free to just watch and enjoy for a while. If you're anything like me watching a game or league I don't know much about, you'll just end up cheering for somebody, and you may not even know why. Hope you love the game as much as we all do!



If you like the defending champ , then go with the , TORONTO ARGOS.
[Canada ' s financial district. BAY STREET]
They are the NEW YORK of Canada..........and every one hates them. :stuck_out_tongue:

The name is based on a GREEK MYTH. JASON and the ARGONAUNTS.

If you like the team that lost the GREY CUP last year........go with B.C. ................[Vancouver is a gorgous coast city and the warmest place in Canada.........they will be hosting the Winter Oylimpics in 2010.
They also have fantastic mountains]

If you like the UNDER DOG........go with HAMILTON [steel town].......... SASK,[flat lands as far as the eye can see, and the bread basket to the world] ..................WINNIPEG [winnie the pooh, the birth place of Canadian rock], .....................OTTAWA [Canada's capital] and ......................CALGARY..... [cowboys and the famous STAMPEDE rodeo, plus beautiful mountains to the left]. :smiley:

I'm CFL fan from USA. I found it hard to have favorite team due to not living near one. After watching CFL I found that last season I could not watch the NFL. NFL is to dull compared to "wide open game" of the CFL. Strongly suggest you subscribe to new CFL publication (it is great!) We are very lucky in USA to have DirecTV (Satelitte). We get all season games with exception of two(2) Thrusday games. TSgt RMJ, Hilmar CA

Thank you for that excellent post and ENJOY..... :smiley: :wink:

YA! the CFL magazine is really good..................


and WELCOME................. :smiley:

Teams - Reason to chear - Reason not to chear

B.C. - Pretty good overall team - They gave up flutie
Cal - They bought a decent team - They Gave up flutie/richprovince
Edm - Always consistent team - Rich province, no PST
SSK - Lots of fans, decent attendance - They never win
Wpg - Can't think of a reason - They win almost as much as Riders
Tor - Grey Cup Champs - Most talented player is the coach
Ott - Big time underdogs - They might not exist much longer
Ham - They are not Toronto - Quarterback needs a walker
Mont - Very good team as of late - They suck in the playoffs

There's Eric England on the Argos. That's a start.

No, the argos name is based of the rowing club witch they fromed from, witch in turn is based on the myth.

GOD, I LOVE WINNIPEG, though I never been there but hell I wanna go!

Some one who finally understands! I think you will find a favoite in due time. :wink:

Welcome to the forum, mate BTW. I’m originally from Australia.

I’d say go with the BC lions untill they chage their name to the Vancouver Lions, after that go for the Blue Bombers! :smiley:

But really, it’s up to you to what you prefer.

I agree with whoever said "just watch the season". If you like the game one team with just become your favorite.
Lets us know who you pick.

Keep your eyes on the Als.

I am an American who keeps track of the CFL on the net. I had watched some CFL games in the 1982 season when the CFL was on NBC during the NFL players strike. I enjoyed watching those games. I'm still an NFL fan, but I do think the CFL game is great. I'll continue to keep track of the CFL & watch a game at every possible opportunity.

the CFL was on NBC???


knowing that, I think it’s about time fro another players strike in the NFL… wait, can the NFL players even go on stike any more?

You should cheer for the Esks. They have the most powerful offence in the league and should be a shoe in for the Grey Cup.

The only team I wouldn't recomend cheering for is the Riders. They're pretty disliked in the league because of the arrogance of the fans. Not to mention they always loose.