I'm a believer

This is just to say that I'll be renewing my three season tickets for next year, no matter what.
The reason.....Bob Young and Rob Katz.
I believe in these guys that they'll do whatever it takes to make the Cat's a powerhouse in this league. The caretaker has a lot of credibility. When he speaks people listen. I'm sure that the wheels are in motion right now to find a proven, long term coach, who can take us into the future.
There's something to be said about successful people in this world....that is they're not scared of failure. The thing is they don't run from it, they learn from it, and don't repeat the same mistakes.
Were're not that far away right now, a couple wins and we could be on our way.
Lets get behind the team Friday.....I predict we'll beat the Bombers. :cowboy:
We don't want to be kicking our team when they're down.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

i actually agree.
people act like we are in the same boat as 05. we are not. A year ago, we cheered for our aging stars and hoped the Brady's of the world would be our future. I think this year it is both more frusterating and calming that we are now cheering for a very talented, young football team. we are all so frusterated because we are so close. 5 of 6 games decided in the final minutes close. Holmes. Quinnie. Vaughn. Maas. Eakin. ADavis. Cody. Goss. Tad. Hudson. Smith. Cavil. Myers. We got younger. Faster. More talented. In one year, it is clear Mr. Young has improved our scouting department. We have a kicking problem, they quickly found Myers. We need a young QB, they found Eakin. More impact at MLB - we get Brooks. My hope is that it looks more like the beginning of a process than the end of it. Wins matter. But don't discount direction.

Hey Brooksy,

I think people are forgeting to, that the Oline has been hampered by injuries. That really hurts. With the loss of Woodward and Claridge at tackles, Hage basically first year starting centre, Powell out injured along with Cook.......this hurts.
You can bet your boots Katz and the scouting staff will be scouring nfl cuts...looking for another Travis Claridge. Believe me, the loss of the big guy was devastating more than most people realize.
Anyways, I still think the boys can get it done on Friday. :cowboy:

Woodard back on the line would do a world of good.....

Gotta agree with you espo.

Our tackles this year have not been of the calibre of Woodward or Claridge. Hopefully we'll get Woodward back and the scouting team can find us another blue chipper. :cowboy:

Woodard it is Woodard not Woodward, almost as annoying as Mass instead of Maas. I'm all vented now.

It’s getting late…my minds playing tricks on me. :?

Rob Katz Is A PIMP

"And then I saw her face...
Now I'm a believer!"

Name the "band"...

Hey..Hey...they're The Monkeys!

No, actually they're the Monkees.

Of course our younger fans would say they're Smashmouth.