Illegial procedure on 3rd & Inches

In my 23 years of following the CFL, I’ve never seen such a ridiculous penalty call. Having said that, that wasn’t the reason why our team lost this game. Collaros was inconsistent. Our team didn’t score enough TDs, Maher had a tough night missing two FG attempts, and our defence couldn’t get off the field at crucial times. This game was frustrating, because even with Durant out of the game late, our team still let it get away.

I'm sure Austin will be giving the league an earful on THAT call! He WAS livid!!!

And rightfully so.

In 40 years watching the game, I have never seen that call before.

On the SSK third and less than an inch in the last drive, TSN had left the yellow 1st down line on the screen during the play. It was easy to see that the ball was at least 2 inches over the line when the SSK centre tilted the ball before the snap.

If you're gonna call it, call it the same way for everybody.

This (amongst other things) is the reason this league is becoming un-watchable.

Enough already!

No single play or penalty is the "reason for the loss", however they do make an impact. If we had not been penalized, maybe we get a touchdown that drive and win the game. It isn't THE reason, but it certainly makes a difference and it sucks. :frowning: Commentators said they haven't seen that called before and compared a few other snaps to it and saw no difference.

Still, if we had played better in other areas, something like that wouldn't have mattered.

Agreed. But in a tight game, every little play has greater significance.

I can also add that in 60 years of watching football I never seen that call made in the CFL, NFL college or high school football and I can assure you that movement of the football forward a couple of inches is made by every centre on every snap and the Cheatriders centre also did it on every snap.

It was a terrible call made because Saskatchewan players yelled for it. Refs should be fined for it. It was a bad call, and so was the called back touchdown a bad call. The refs are bad and have been worse than ever all year. Kent should have challenged some illegal block or something on the other side of the field....that seems to work this year...

This dumb call is evidence that either...

  1. the officials are incompetent

  2. the officials have a bias against Hamilton

I think that option #2 is the case, if you couple this dumb call with the rip-job of a call earlier in the game where Tracy's fumble recovery for a TD was reversed.

The Tracy fumble was very close. At game speed it looks like a fumble, and I don't know if there was conclusive evidence to overturn it, but I wasn't surprised that it was. It was just so close. Typical us, making a big play and having it called back or reversed.

I think we do get a lot of bad calls, but 90% of the time it boils down to incompetence. This was a perfect example. I don't think the ref saw anything wrong, but since the Sask player yelled that it was moved, he assumed he had missed it when it happened (maybe he was looking elsewhere?) and so he called it. Calling something you didn't personally see and going off what a player says is definitely incompetence, not bias.

It was a bad call no doubt about it. In my mind there were 2 really bad calls all game, and they both came in the 4th quarter. One went against Saskatchewan (the illegal contact penalty where Fantuz and Cox barely brushed arms) and the illegal procedure call against Hamilton. The first one extended a Ticat drive and ended up with the missed field goal single, and the 2nd ended the drive with a punt.

That all being said, Hamilton still had the game in their hands at the end, up 1 point facing a backup QB and with the wind at their backs. Given that scenario, you'd have to like their chances most days.

Unfortunately, that is called illegal contact this season. I've seen that amount of contact called on basically every team at some point this season. It's such a cheap call, and it definitely needs to be discussed this off-season. The one on us has probably never been called in the last decade.

Agreed though. We definitely should have been able to stop them at the end. No excuses, our defence is simply not what they need to be if we want to win the Grey Cup.

[quote author="TheCrazyCatLady"][quote="DustThe one on us has probably never been called in the last decade."
I've been watching for 60 years and that illegal procedure has never been call because it is perfectly legal according to the rulebook.

You can't even play the game if the centre can't do that. It was ridiculous. The ref who called it should be fired. Never has it been called, because, if you call it once, you call it EVERY play. Just disgusting.

Cats caused a 2 and out immediately after that absurd call so it really had no impact on the result.
Having said that the league really needs to take a long hard look at this stuff... agree with the above poster, the league is becoming unwatchable. I know people that were once diehards that can't take it anymore and slowly have tuned out. It's a big problem for this league and they really need to use this call as an example of what they're trying to fix.

I didnt see the call but Im guessing that the Center was called because he moved the ball forward at the LOS before the snap?

If so, yes it is illegal and I have seen it called once before. Is this what happened?

Even if he did move the ball forward an inch. Everyone is still lined up in the exact same spot. It's not like the entire offensive team moved forward with it. The ball still gets snapped backwards into the hands of Collaros, who hadn't moved an inch forward, the drops back and throws to a receiver who was behind the official line of scrimmage anyway.

Had he moved the ball forward before the line was set, fine, throw the flag...but they were set. Moving it an inch gives them no advantage because it doesn't change the placement of the sticks. Total BS call and for those saying it really had no impact, it did. That kind of call takes the wind out of your sails and gets in the head of your centre who now has to rethink his job every time he puts his hand on that ball.

When it was SSKs 3rd and inches, someone should have been yelling the same thing, because even the TSN commentators were saying that there was NO difference in the action their centre took when tilting the ball.

I agree, but it is the rule

For those that said what File did was against the rules, can you please let me know the section in the rule book it falls under?