"Illegal use of artificial noise"

Nice ... the Argos just got a penalty for using stadium noise too much when Hamilton had the ball!

Good call on behalf of the refs. Well done ... I'm commending them on this (seriously - I'm not being sarcastic.)

yah it was a penalty, but why do they finally call it now....when Hamilton has been the team doing it for years and it was never called then. doesn't matter though, the game is outta reach.

I have been hard on the REFFS lately, but I think the last 2 games were called very well [except for 1 time, but really good]

I disagree.................unless its being make artificaly.........threw the sound system................who cares if the score board is telling the fans to make noise

the refs should really pay attention to the announcer when in Montreal :!: this announcer always cuts it close. :wink:

The refs didn't make the rules. The league did, but the refs have to enforce it. The artificial noise rule is just one more thing for the refs to needlessly worry about and to called unevenly, with potentially disastrous results. The rules committee should realise that the referees are challenged enough to call offsides properly and should have them focussing on the game between the lines.

That’s funny, I don’t recall the ribbon boards at SkyDump telling the fans to make noise on that play. Then again, I was yelling “Defence!” at the same time two guys in my row were beating on their drums. Maybe the close proximity to the field was a factor in that (Ti-Cats had the ball on their own 5 at the time)

that penatly is total BS

i wonder what home field advantage means now if fans and stadiums can’t make noise.


that penatly is total BS


Hey, I'm saying the Penatly in general! but I don't care if it stays in the rulebooks or not.

Come on kanga, you want to change all of the rules....at least you don't want to americanize them

Not all of them, mate, and I reall really really really couldn't give a shit abou this rule, except that I think it sucks. peroid. next topic...


that is ture, I don't fancy americanism for this league, although the AP was invented by a New Yorker! :shock: :evil:

More of the CFL ******** in power trying to kill fan participation. The refs have not been able to make the basic most of calls of late and this is the rule they enforce. Wow, makes me proud. (And I am not a TO fan.)

Don't worry about those "CFL ********" killing the fun in fan participation, CLINT. The Rogers Centre security does a good job at doing that themselves.

didn't the bluebumbers put speakers on the field.............oh say 10 yrs ago..........to make it loader???????? thats a penalty.........fans cheering Oh come on...........in the off season drop it out of the rule book

I completely agree with this penalty. I think its sad if Stadiums have to induce their fans to make more noise, or pump crowd noise through the speakers. That is what mascots are for. Plus if you are any kind of fan you should be loud anyways. We aren't out there watching figure skating. Its 250 lb men hitting each other as hard as they can.

Not anymore. Up to last season, in Montreal, there was a recording of a crowd screaming "defence" that was often played during games in Molson-Percival. But this year, they changed it to a recording of one guy saying "defence" in a dumb voice and knocking on an apparent empty tupperware bucket. Sounds pretty lame, but you can't get a penalty for that.

You shouldn't need a recording. Your crowd should be doing it.

But you need a reconding to get them started.