Illegal participation?

What was Calgary's options on that play/penalty?
If they accept the penalty, they replay the down -10 yards. What happens if they decline?

the play stands

it was a b.s call the rule states if your pushed out of bounds then come in you can make a catch. but hey the zebras here are a joke.

That's what I thought and I don't agree with the rule!

What if that was third down? They have no choice but to accept and that gives Edmonton another chance to keep the drive alive.

Calgary should have had the option to decline the penalty with an incompletion.


but not the point of this thread!

We won’t mention the face masking of Burris in front of two refs now will we!

again false statement red.....braidwood had him the coller. you could see it on tv he had him by his coller

Well on the several replays it showed otherwise maybe Ro wopuld be nice enough to show it on slow mo here.

I thought it was a facemask as well, and would be interested to see a replay.

How is that different from an illegal procedure penalty where a team gets a first down. The defence has no choice but to accept and replay the down, or for that matter a holding penalty, offensive pass interference, or too many men on the field. They don't have the option to nullify the play in those instances why should they have it here?

Thats a good point!
Now, if the reciever dropped the ball, is there still a penality?

Anyone remember what quarter?


Help Help Im being oppressed!

And ridiculous, all at once.

Technically yes, but I have no idea whether or not it's called that way.

No kidding, Braidwood grabbed and hauled Burris by the facemask almost 2 yards, in front of two refs, and they did nothing. I couldn't believe it when they showed the replay. That, IMO, was sickening. But oh boy, if Ray gets hit...then the flags fly fast & furious. :roll:

What I question is where was the replay official, out getting a beer before the half time rush? That was clearly a blown call and the official in the booth was sleeping.

The replay official only calls for reviews in the last 3 minutes of the game and overtime. It was up to the coach to call for that one.
Don't know if "whether he was pushed out or not" is reviewable though.