Illegal forward pass

This dosen't bother me anymore because we're in the Grey Cup, but that illegal forward pass call was completely wrong. Our ref's really screwed that up.

But i don't care cause we're in the GREY CUP!

I am not so sure. On the tube, the commentators said that they had talked to Black (or was it Daley) right after the review and Black confirmed that it is the point of "release". While that did nothing to clarify it, I think what was meant was not point of where the last foot was but where the ball left Joseph's hand; i.e. in the air. If the latter is the case, it could very likely have been an illegal pass.

Now, I haven't looked up the wording of the rule at all so I could be way off. But it is the only way to explain a "lack of evidence" to overturn the call. I do note that everyone, including CBC commentators, seems to assume that it is where his foot was prior to release but I don't know for sure if that is the case.

Interesting that you hardly ever see this call made (even when quarterbacks are obviously over the line of scrimage) and now it is called two times in one game.

I suspect, just as with the noise issue and Jimenez issue, the Refs were told to watch out for this.

Not clear in the rules, just says the player can not be passed the line of scrimmage. I guess the ruling was based on one of the common law rulings.

i disagree with the call. I think it was a legal pass and should've been allowed. As far as I can recall, it is not the release point of the ball but the last point of contact made with the field. Which in this case was about a yard and a half shy of the l.o.s.

It still bugs me, as i feel that here in BC not just in BC Place Stadium. But in hockey , both nhl, and junior leagues as well as minor football leagues, even some soccer reffs too. That we have horrible reffing I dont care if the call goes my way or not, just call it correctly or make way for someone who will call it as laid out in the rule books.

Disagreed as well, but if it is the release point, this is common to all the ball-position rules. Also the camera angle was not the best to determine the exact release point.

The call is based on the release point of the ball. I also believe that the ref made the right call. It was so close that even instant replay in slow motion couldn't overturn the call then the ref made a good call. It was the instant replay and available camera angles that let us down. If the play had not been flagged and Wally challenges it, the play would have also stood, because it was that close. I thought the officiating was very good this game. I can only hope that they do as good a job in the Grey Cup game.