Illegal Forward Pass??????

On the first play of the game, Joseph came very close to crossing the LOS. What do we think>

...i thought it looked close....guess Higgins should go back to wearing challenge :roll:

where is the ball released?
looks to be just behind or right on the line, but not over.

The ball is still in his hand in the still. The red line the LOS,

Your virtual LOS (bottom) is farther back than the original (top)...but even still, he could have been over when he tossed...looked close to me, though...

jm's right....the videos LOS is 48.5 yard line...yours is 48.

Dont look at the VOS!
I have seen CBC place it 5 yards behind the LOS
Look at the placement of the ball before it is snapped

your line is a little deceptive,

either way, it seems to me that he takes a small hop as he throws the ball, so he is allowed to be across the line as long as you left the ground on your side of scrimmage...

Regardless of what either of us think tho, it would be pretty hard to say that it was conclusively an illegal forward pass with the video evidence you have provided.

How is my line deceptive? It on the line of scrimmage!
As for it being conclusive.....It called a discussion!

Look at where the ball is relative to the VLOS, Its slightly behind it.
While were are on the discussion of VLOS and V first downs....
Look at where the first down marker is and where the V first down line is....Hardly in the same place!

too close to complain about or even be discussing.

So dont participate :stuck_out_tongue:

kinda like u participating in every expansion thread?

Looks to me it’s too close to call, his arm looks like he’s throwing it at the moment he is crossing the line.

Now does it matter if he is in the air or not? That’s what hinges on my opinion that it is too close to call.

But at game speed… but if I had the chance I’d take the risk of losing the timeout to take the TD back I’d challenge

I dont participate in them......I complain about them

ro the line u drew in the second image shows the line more on the 48 then the 48.5 the vos is right but yours is wrong. it was close and now the play is over. end of thread

watch out...only ro can complain that threads are not neccessary.

End of thread?
Why because you said so? You dont have to participate either
If you bothered to look at the pic. You would see that the ball is behind the VLOS!

Look at the first down marker in the second pic.....Is is not on the 52.5! It is inches ahead of the 52

it was close and it is to late to change the call, the game will come down to who has the ball last. as it should, Close endings are the best :thup:

Ro1313, I do agree with you about the 1st down marker...however, since that is free marker you can't go by it. I have seen that marker be out by as much as 1 and half yards....

ya ro this thread should be over and i am glad i was the first to say it. ur line is different from the line of the first pic to help your cause. and even if it was close they coulda argueed it and didn’t. so play happens game moves on end of story which utters this thread useless.