Illegal Contact No Longer Reviewable

If I remember correctly, it was the bump early in the route that was flagged, not the contact at the end with both players going for the ball. The question most of us Ticat fans (and others) were asking was who actually initiated the contact? Couldn't believe that they called it. But the way illegal contact on a receiver is called here is similar to the way fouls are called in the NBA.

Personally I think without coaches challenges on PI that you'll see that the refs will let the players play more often and more will be let go. Just what I think, I might be wrong.

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Two seasons ago there was a string of 3 games in a row where a ridiculous penalty cost us the game. Each time the head of officiating admitted the calls were wrong, after the fact.

But we missed the playoffs because of those losses

Yep, went back and looked. They all seemed Incedental!

If I spelled that correctly

That is the 'Merican spelling :slight_smile: (just joking of course).

Up here in the Great White North we spell it "incidental". ;D (although you would think we would use an extra "u" or two, as is our want). :wink:

I believe you have to let the players play. If a trend turns up (too much uncalled incidental contact, eg.) the rule can always be tweaked to ensure that the game is played fairly.

Refs generally get dumped on in any sport, but I believe if you let them make the calls as they see them, unless they are totally incompetent they will likely make the "correct" call 90% (or better) of the time.

It drove/drives me nuts that even when reviewing the incompetent officials still miss calls. I think it happened twice last season when after the game the league admitted to missing the review.

I generally add random "u"s to words just to play it saufe.

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I didn't have a problem with reviewing Illegal Contact. I had a problem with fishing for Illegal contact far away from the play. I also think two challenges should be the norm.

One thing people new to our league will find out very quickly...

We have the worst officiating of any professional sport, hands down.

no we don't.

fans of every league in every team sport all say the same about their officials.

just... just no.

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No way, maybe the worst review booth, but not officiating.

That honor goes to the NHL

I would also say the NFL refs are no better. They mess up as much or more than CFL refs.

In terms of best football refs... I would say the NCAA.

I disagree, for two basic reasons. The first is in the NHL, it's very clear that regular season hockey and playoff hockey has two different standards of what gets called. In the NFL, while it may be bad, it's consistently bad.

The second reason is when you watch IIHF hockey. There is a low level of tolerance for penalties and no tolerance at all for dirty play, no matter what time of year. Thus you know it can be called better. In the NHL, there is so much missed revenge hitting, tit for tat stuff that is allowed to go on because the initial call, or even the revenge call doesn't get called. In the NFL, yes you will get retaliation penalties, but you seldom see three plays later a revenge hit with intent to injure.

“Worst call of the century,” Manziel said. “I mean, my whole life I’ve been taught to throw it right at the stick that’s marking the down. I thought I got it there; he told me I was about a yard short. That’s the first time I’ve heard that.” Johnny Football

If the officials actually told Manziel he was “about a yard short”. That’s exactly the problem with officiating in our league. That’s one you let go.

Nope. It either crossed the line, or it didn't. The rule doesn't say "if the ball gets within a yard of the line of scrimmage." Just like they don't "let it go" when they catch a defender "only" a yard offside.