Illegal Contact No Longer Reviewable


Best news today!

Thank God we don't have to explain that terrible rule to all the new Ti-Cat fans from down south!

Now that fishing for illegal contact will no longer be possible, they should bring back the "if you win two challenges you're allowed a third" rule. Defenses will get away with Defensive Pass Interference and Roughing the Passer in critical situations too often if coaches have a hard limit of 2 challenges per game.

If they want fans to keep away in the bigger markets, then yes they should absolutely go back to six challenges per game plus the time outs they already have.

There is a limit of only 1 Coaches Challenge per game provided they have a time out remaining.

Disagree. Our officials Arent good enough to only have one challenge. At least 2 per team. But now that the fishing expeditions are gone they should revert back.

I actually liked the illegal contact being reviewable, as long as the ball was thrown in that direction and not away from the play.

This was called illegal contact on a challenge last season. :o :o

Ugh. I was misremembering as "one per half". I get that the video review is intended only "to fix obvious officiating errors", but a single coach's challenge per game isn't enough to uphold that mandate. It encourages defensive players to gamble that they won't get caught breaking the rules.

Things were fine until the recent shenanigans around challenging for illegal contact; ditching the challenges for illegal contact has eliminated the justification for the hasty mid-season decision last year to limit each team to only one challenge per game.

I like having only 1 challenge, use it wisely!

While pretty much everyone agrees that this S.J. Green call didn't meet the standard, one of the surprises awaiting our new American followers is just how little contact CFL rules permit DBs to make. "Illegal contact" became much stricter in 2015, and in recent years, CFL defenders have also had far less leeway on Pass Intererence than NFL defenders.

The way Illegal Contact currently gets interpreted, CFL defenders aren't even allowed to "stand their ground" in the face of an advancing receiver (beyond 5 yards). When a potential receiver is moving in a straight line, the rules penalize a defender for not getting out of his way. People can complain that "that's not football", but the change was implemented a few years ago because CFL offenses were sputtering, and there was fear fans would get turned off by the lack of offensive excitement.

I would agree if the officals and command center didn’t miss so much already. “One per game” encourages defenses to play closer to the edge all game, daring the opposition to “squander” their sole challenge early.

The goal is supposed to be to get the calls right.

The goal should be to make the game flow better, less stop time, for the fan paying money to attend games. This seems to be an excellent compromise. The more respect we can give the on-field officials, the better.

Thank God we don't have to explain that terrible rule to all the new Ti-Cat fans from down south!
Well said Guelph!

Games had been flowing fine. If we're going to say it doesn't matter whether they get the calls right, then there's no point in even keeping score, and we're just watching 18 "football demonstrations" every season. Attending games live, the TV commercial breaks are far more "flow breaking" than replay reviews.

The problem is with these types of challenges, illegal contact, half the time at least IMHO, there wasn't enough clear evidence anyways. So why have it? NFL was smart not to get into this can of worms in the first place but I'll give credit to the CFL for trying this experiment which has turned out for most fans to be something they don't see as needed at all.

I think there are some CFL fans that just want it to be "different" to the NFL and that's just not a good enough reason to start a new rule for a challenge. It has to make a lot of sense and it just didn't. Can you imagine if the NBA started this with illegal contact? Ok, basketball has a lot of contact that is iffy, moreso than football with receivers and defenders, but no way would that ever work in the NBA. As I say, the NFL was smart to let the CFL try this and see it's just not a good thing.

I agree. Everything was fine before the IC change.

That's why they got rid of Glen Johnson. It's time to give the refs a clean slate.

Ohh Grover, you had to show that play with Green that pretty much cost us playoff. What a brutal call.

You gotta be kidding me! That's bad