illegal block on the cover team

I've never heard that penalty called before. Does anybody know why it was called?

I didnt actually see the infraction, but could it be the ref's way of saying "welcome to the league, rook"? :?

Didn't see it happen, but it means that one of the members of the cover team hit a player who was not the ball carrier below the waist, which is not allowed.

Yeah, that's an old rule originally from the WFL, you can't hit below the waist, because you could do some serious damage to a players legs.

didn't see the play or the call, but I'm sure that Dgod or Ro might have it on Tivo and post it.

Ran it single frame on the digital and it was not on the pic. They shoot very tight and with the score bar taking up a good portion of the top it was not visible. Must be a rose by any other name type of thing.

came in on this one late. Sorry, and I guess the explanation makes sense that it was even possible.

Its kinda hard to explain but you can block a player on the recieving team and prevent him from blocking your teamate which allows him to tackle the ball carrier

did block below the waist? cuz you can't do that.

He is not asking what type of block but as to how the kicking team could be penalized for it

It was on the kick-off.

I asked this same question and think I've got it figured out. Basically it was like ro had said. My guess is someone from the coverage team shoved someone on the kicking team from behind, knocking them down and preventing them from blocking anyone.

I beleive it was Illegal block, hands to the face, which can be called on either offense or defense.