I'll get to the Lions in a moment, but first...Glen Suitor??

I'm sorry, but honestly, and I know I'm not alone feeling this way, some of the things that come out of his mouth make me:

  1. Question how much he really understands the game.
  2. If he's ACTUALLY focused on the game or just "shooting from the hip" and saying whatever the moment brings.
  3. How on you-know-who's green Earth he actually keeps a job with TSN.

Food for thought from last Thursday's game. There's some real gems here...

Scenario #1: With the Lions backed up behind their own 5-yard-line on 3rd down...Glen Suitor's comment...

"There's no question Wally Buono has to take a safety here." Moments later, after McCallum actually puts it out of his own zone, Suitor's NEXT comment is "I really like the play call here from Wally." Something about a really "gusty" call !?!?!

Scenario #2: When the game was no longer in doubt (which I know all of you are saying was sometime shortly after the 2nd half started), Suitor's comment was..."It's a lot better feeling going in to a bye week with a win rather than a loss."

Really??? Hmmm...Seriously?? Why-oh-why can't TSN get somebody in there who can actually say something insighful about the game rather than obvious, contradicting and often questionable comments. I say questionable because of Scenario #3 from last Thursday's game in the 2nd half...

One of the Lions receivers had just laid out trying to make a sprawling catch. Whoever it was made a great effort BUT you can CLEARLY see black pebbles shooting up from the turf as the Lions receiver tries to make it LOOK like a good catch. The official ruled it a catch, but the predictable challenge came out and the television replay (which I can only assume Mr. S also is looking at !?!?) CLEARLY shows a bad catch. Glen's comment...

"It's difficult to tell and certainly will be too close to call." Really?? Seriously??

I now know why many, many, many people turn off the sound to the telecast's and tune in to TEAM 1040. It's sad that this has to happen, but honestly, you can only grimace so many times mumbling "Did he really just say that??"

Anyhow, I bit of a rant, but our beloved Lions embarassing and disappointing season is only made worse by the t.v. commentating we're getting. Can I please, please substitute in for him??

Maybe he should join Ron B, and just stick to figure skating?

Suitor isn't my favourite personality on the panel (I'm a Chris Schultz fan) but give the guy a break. He's decent. He knows the game. He's played in the CIS and the CFL.

I would think BC fans would love the guy. He's from BC and he played for Simon Fraser University.

I'd rather have Suitor than that marble mouth Chris Walby......that said.......he does have room for improvement. I hate his "See ya, wouldn't want to be you." Comments. Really? I got news for Suitor I would really want to "be you". When I was younger, if I had had the chance to play a down of CFL football, I would have been in my glory.

I have no problem with Suitor. Yeah he may have saying that not everybody likes, but every commentator has that.

some of us that are older got spoiled by ron lancaster. Now everyone else falls short.

Awwww, bar raised too high?

if you think suitor is that bad why no comment on Rod black now there is the idiot of all idiots
at least chris cuthbert does a good game and is suitors savior but dwane foord hasnt a chance with Rod black

Glen Suitor has been involved with the cfl for decades... actually played the game, and you are seriously questioning his knowledge of the game (implying that you know more about it in order to make such an accusation)
I don't want to call you an idiot, though that's the first thing that came to my mind, but I do think you need to listen to what he says a little more closely. He "keeps his job" with tsn because he is, IMO, the best color guy that tsn has.
Just imagine yourself trying to fill three hours of chit-chat while trying to keep beleaguered lions fans from noticing the scoreboard.
Leave your complaints for your crappy football team, but wake up and realize that we have it pretty good with the t.v. commentating for our small league.

I don't think he is that bad. I do notice sometimes he tries to be a little "this guuuyyy" John Madden-ish. But he called it pretty accurate in that last Lions game. He questions pass interference when it should be questioned, he sees the mistakes a safety or DB makes, and he calls what he sees in team weaknesses quite accurately. Sure, not everything is perfect. But I agree, Rod Black is the guy we should be questioning. Apart from his dumb comments and attempts at being poetic any chance he gets, I do get a kick out of his voice cracking screams of "TOUCH-DOWN!!!"

Hi, welcome to color commentary. You can say the same thing about pretty much every NHL broadcast on the planet. For some reason North American sports broadcasters feel every second has to be filled with talking heads spewing innane chatter.

It's funny after seing the cast of corporate colormen over the years, never say anything against theh league, the officials, or anything along those lines, Suitor is a breath of fresh air, he knows his stuff, and brings knowledge to the game few others can come close to .....If I hear Rod black say " he almost came close to catching that pass" one more time....you can come close, or you can almost catch it, but to come close to almost catching it, you could be sitting on thte bench and almost come close, someone teach the boy how to call a game.( obviously from the Bernie Pascall school of football broadcasting)

Suitor is most times insightful, knowledgable etc, I have noticed the past 4-weeks or so, he has been more......neutral, i have a feeling his honest opinions about the officiating and the calls by some coaches may have gotten him a meeting with the league a month or so back, just speculating, because his usual brutal honesty, has seemed to be neutered.

The calls regarding the Lions game, where correct calls, 9/10 coaches would have conceded the 2 points in the past 2 years, he was going with the probable call most coaches would make, one that he has openly criticized, so by then calling it a gutsy call by Wally he was simply stating what he thought was the correct way to play the game.