I'll eat my share of crow...

Cheers Cats fans...you guys owned us tonight...well done. Love the offence you ran...our defence had NO answer for it.

See you in 3 weeks...

Good Win Tonight for all Ti-Cat Players, Coaches and Fans against the Blue Bumbers from Winterpeg!! A great turn around in play the kind of Ti-Cat team all Cat fans want more of, A team that plays together as a team and Wins together either at home and on the road.

Sandro is still having a tough time as a kicker, stay with him, he's the best kicker in the league and he will only get better with the Cats in time. Ti-Cats should learn how to Win games without relying so much on a kicker in my mind, this team has the potential to win games by scoring touch downs and lots of them either through the ground game or through passing the ball with great receivers like Stalla, Bruce, McDaniel, James, Mann, Bauman, Thigpen, Cobb and so on.

This team Now knows the great feeling of a Win Tonight instead of losing two games, lets Win more games and keep the Spirit Alive and Well in Hamilton!!! GO CATS GO, EAT EM RAW BOYS!!!!!

You guys owned us week 1, we owned you week 3.

Hopefully Buck is okay and the next two games between these two should be a lot closer. :thup:

Ditto for Bucky being O.k,

I’ve come to the conclusion… the Bombers are NOT as good as their fans think they are!!

I was surprised the bombers didn't attack shivers deep more early in the game. Obviously that worked for them in week 1 and with their offence struggling so much in the first half, i was waiting for buck to throw deep to Terrance Edwards.

For all the Bomber fans who were complaining about Ticat fans who blame the loss on refs...

Here's a link to wine and cheese central:


you talked about bad offiating in last weeks lose to calgary. Well bad offiating happens to all teams , for instance kg's fumble in the 3rd should have been winnipegs ball.But officials said different.

Unable to watch the game but got a couple of scores in the second half.
Finally...some competitive football. We should have come out of the starting gate like this!
Great job all around. I hope we can keep this up. :thup:

Awesome game Cats! Glenn and the offence was clicking, and the De came up big all night.

Yeahhhhhhh got back home awhile ago from the game, excellent atmosphere, excellent weather, excellent performance by the ti-cats bout time we got a W, looking forward to next weeks game, oh and screw PizzaPizza I'm keeping my ticket stub! And whats this a hear about a KG fumble that wasn't called and cost WPG the game? :lol:

Thank goodness we can get back to planning the Grey Cup parade. Oh wait, still no running or kicking game. The next two games will reveal what kind of a team we have this year. Savour this one, but there is work to do tomorrow.

There was a Glenn fumble.Al least from the stands it looked like it. I don't think that it cost Wpg. the game but it would have changed the dynamics of the play. All night I felt like the refs were somehow making up for last week. Personally, they did a lousy job tonight as well only this time the calls fell our way most of the time.

How about Stala though? Wow! Clutch catches left, right and center!

Really? Because aside from the ruling standing on what appeared to be a Glenn fumble that WPG recovered, calls (and non-calls) did not some to go our way that much. There was at least one missed PI call, and Suitor pointed out that there was a missed illegal contact call on an incomplete pass to McDaniel. But as for what appeared to be a fumble, the "recovery" was definitely after the whistle was blown and that's apparently the reason we still had possession. I even joked in the game thread that us still having possession was in response to missed calls, and that was done to even things out.

Now, time for some other notes:

Glenn: Completed over 80% of his passes for 300+ passing yards. I think the QB controversy is over. :slight_smile:

Stala was very reliable, catching nine passes for 100+ rec. yards, and the rest of the rec. corps also played well, catching what was thrown to them.

The all-Canadian offensive line is not just a gimmick, it's good at pass protection. Rottier was much better and Ramsay will now just be a backup. So much for the right tackle controversy.

Would still like to O line them open holes for RBs tough.

Improvement by the defence might have been at least partly because of time of possession advantage. It was good to see better tackling. There were some unforced errors, as Pierce did not always look that good, and their receivers dropped a few passes, unlike ours. I don't expect many unforced errors from our next opponent though.

Sandro: Had me worried that missed FGs could cost us another one. Still wondering what happened to him.

Some said this game was a must-win, and this team seemed to play like it was a must-win. Winning in Montreal next week still seems unlikely. But after tonight, you have to think it's definitely possible.

Astounding… Glenn was just plain awesome in this game… I enjoyed watching him live!!

Awesome game. Well done all 'round. (Well, left a few three's on the field...)

I do have a major beef -- and maybe it requires its own thread.
If the video review isn't going to make the correct call, then quash the whole thing. Right now, all it does is delay the game and, based on what I've seen in our games, blows the call.

I'm glad we got a break tonight on the Glenn fumble -- we deserved it after the calls in the last two. But, that should've been Peg ball. It looks pretty bush league to see the game delayed for 4 or 5 minutes only to have the call incorrect anyway.

I'll take the human error on the field and keep the game moving. This is absurd.

The refereeing and sandro D'Angelis were both disgraceful. The bad refereeing helped us win the game and D'Angelis did everything he could to make us lose the game.
Overall, the Ticats showed us the team they could be. Finally, we used Stala the way we should be using him every game. Glen was brilliant. Offensive play calling was very good. Defence was good but was helped out by a lot of Bomber drops and, of course the pitiful refereeing.
Overall, very impressed with the Cats' play tonight.
Oh, nice to see the coaches using thigpen in the backfield.

Great execution on the TiCats part for the most except for, of course, our field goal game and that one long td drive for the Bummers.

But the field goal aspect is going to have to be addressed probably very soon or else we're in trouble.

Listen, you can have a bad game, but he has not even showed up for the last two games. He could have easily cost us another game. You gotta call it like ya see it, and what I have seen from Sandro for the past two games is a guy who didn’t just have a bad day at work (that would be hitting 50 percent of his field goals). this guy has not even showed up for work. He’s being paid to kick field goals. If I showed up for work and did nothing for two weeks, I would not be working. No excuses for that pitiful performance. If we had of lost that game but two or three points, you would not be so easy on the guy.