I'll cheer for the STAMPS, and then I'll cheer for the ESKS!

Calgary, Edmonton, here I come !

Yup, I decided it was about time I started touring the CFL, see games in other stadiums and merge with other teams’ crowds.

Of course, one can’t tour all nine stadiums in one year unless he has mucho vacation time, but bit by bit, I plan on seeing all of your stadiums.

My first trip will get me to McMahon and Commonwealth stadiums on October 14th and 15th.

And since neither the Stamps nor the Esks will host the Alouettes, I decided I’d temporarily cheer for the home team. I’ll add my voice with that of Calgarians against the Ticats, and then with Edmontonians when they host the Riders. But I warn you, it’ll be the only time I cheer for these teams. One shot deal. Don’t count on my spport the rest of the season.

The incredible thing is the tickets I managed to get in Edmonton. I got the best seats in the house! How come these tickets were still available is beyond me. Don’t Esks fans want the good tickets? Take a look at where I’ll sit…


I could have got the same seats for a playoff game a few years ago. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe the seats aren’t that great. I never did go. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever seen cfl games at McMahon stadium.

You’re right behind the Eskimo Bench.

I’ve sat there before, and be warned, it’s pretty cool being that close, but you won’t be able to see squat because you are too low down near the field. It’s almost like standing on the sideline.

I’d recommend getting a seat in the same section if you can, but about 10 or 15 rows up.

And that will be a good game, too - anytime the Riders are in town it’s war on the field and in the stands!

…welcome welcome dude…remember while you’re here there’s no PST and even 18 year olds are allowed to drink…none of the weapons on the gun rack of your rental truck can be loaded…we don’t use the word liberal in this province unless it’s to describe the amount of beef you want on your bun…bring a jerry can to take home some cheap gas, $0.81/litre as of yesterday…October?, could be t’s and shorts, could be arctic wear, ya never know…I’ll give you my cell number in case you need bail, and supertoe can sponsor you in the 'Chuk…

Hey, I expect to meet some huddlites while I’m there, so you guys make sure you attend these games too.

Oh, and by the way, I also plan on visiting Frank Clair stadium this season, but I just don’t know when that will be. I’ll drop by during one of these weekends when my girl wants to go back to the capital to meet some friends or family (she’s from Ottawa).

Rens fans, tell me where I should sit then: north side or south side? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t sit in my seats I stand in the south end zone so there are a couple of seats open in sec.B 3 rows up second level. The action is awesome being down at the end zone and the Rdier fans are usualy down in sec.Z.

I thought an Alberta liberal was a Canadian Club free-pour… 8)

And Turd wont have to go to Cowtown for cheap gas…0.79 in the Smoke…

Turd…Id try to sit a bit higher if I were you…for some reason I always liked the corners in that ballpark. It will take a little getting used to being a little further away from the action but Im sure youèll enjoy your experience…too bad it will be so late in the season…hopefully youèll get nice weather but the hype will more than make up for it.

It will take a little getting used to being a little further away.

In other words, make damn sure if you wear glasses you
bring them.


Too bad you couldnt make it down for the Labour day game
then the rematch a week later in Edmonton. It doesnt get
much better then those two games around here.

Eski-Moses, Ticketmaster isn’t really convenient when it comes to picking seats. You can define what section you want to be in, or the maximum price you are willing to pay, but the site will always offer you only one choice, which is the one it considers to be the best available. In this case, I could have retried as many times as I wanted, the site would always suggest these tickets in the second row… unless someone else would have bought them. So there was no way for me to see if tickets in, say, the 12th row were available. I guess I could have called at the Eskimos’ ticket office, but I didn’t really mind having to sit there. I thought I’ll try to have a chat with a few players since they’ll be standing just in front of me.

Eskylo, there are two reasons why I couldn’t pick the labour day game.

  1. In order not to make all the trip for just one game, I wanted to pick a weekend during which both the Stamps and the Esks played home games. Obviously, during the Labour Day weekend and in the rematch, one of these two isn’t home.

  2. To buy a ticket for the Stamps-Esks game at McMahon, you have to buy a ticket to another Calgary game. I can’t make two trips to Calgary the same year, and I won’t stay there for a full week just to see another game.

no kidding… Ticketmaster is very inconvenient for buying tickets… i am going to the GC this year and im goin with my dad who doesnt aprove of drinking, and the only tickets it would give us are in a drinking section. and you can’t specify that you want to be in non-drinking, only that you want to be in a drinking section, prety retarded in my opinion.

…good take on the subject. The CFL wants to promote itself yet they continue to gaff themselves like this.

Non-drinker’s are people too!!! :wink:

Yes… strange people, but people nonetheless.

Is there such a thing as a non-drinking section at a Grey

You could always try to phone the Esks office directly, they still offer that service for purchase of tickets?