I'll be there in 2006!!

Greetings to all Blue Bomber fans;
I have started the budgeting program that will allow me to attend "Magic on the praries" in 2006. I have never been to another Canadian city outside of Montreal...but have always wanted to visit Winnipeg.
Now....that the Grey Cup will be there, I have no excuse! I will handle the airfare here at my end, but I am asking any and all for information on the least expensive places to stay close to the stadium (or not close. I can rent a car).
I am looking for my vision of the Grey Cup experience! I want to meet and greet the great people of your great city...take pictures...learn about the history...the fun places to go...the fun things to do...and of course...experience the spectacle and atmosphere and energy that is the championship of Canada's Game!!!!!
Any and all information regarding this would be humbly and greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Geo, you are one lucky guy! when ya go, HAVE FUN!

The Clairion ... I know i misplet it but check it out. Very nice hotel (reccomended)

The Polo Park Inn (if it's still called that) is just down the street from the stadium. You probably really want to stay near downtown though since that is where most of the Grey Cup parties and events will occur though during the week.

polo park inn? no such thing.. The Clarion is right beside polo park (one ur prolly thinking of) and its right beside the stadium to

ya has halucinat3 said. The clarion Is right close to the stadium. it is very nice. It is right by the Polo Park shooping center, and right in downtown. It would probly be the best choice.

...IF YOU'RE FLYING IN....get something around WPG. INTERNATIONAL....the airport is relatively close to the stadium....don't know about prices ....could be a little much depending on your budget....definitely bring your woolies in NOV.....you just never know bout the weather...other than that like the license plate says.... warm people...warm hearts....friendly Man. :slight_smile:

Warm people...Warm hearts! you all are the best..keep the suggestions coming they are really REALLY appreciated.

yup...FRIENDLY MANITOBA....Good place with lots of friendly ppl. Not to much to do here though :frowning:

I'm sure there is enough to keep a visitor bust for a few days. :wink:

Too bad I'll be coming in the summer, I'd kinda like to go skiing on Mt. Duck (I saw it on a map).

halucinater-- you are really dumb if you believe there is nothing to do in winnipeg. maybe you are one of the classic complainers who has never left there own city or their own home for that matter. while i would agree that there is more to do in the summer (summer is awesome in wpg for things to do) even in november you can have a great time in the peg and there are no mosquitos to piss you off. and mount Duck?? i assume you mean the duck mountains prov park. very pretty area but not so much of a mountain.
you want to meet people head to the forks, for history go to the Manitoba museum and lower fort garry. close to stadium clarion is as close as you will get to the stadium but not cheap i would guess. the old international inn is probably fairly cheap and right by the airport but not nearly as nice. if you have kids go to holiday inn airport. has a whole floor or at least a large part of it set aside as a kids playground area. kids love it. you like outdoors stuff, ice fishing is a huge tourism attration for winnipeg. americans pay top dollar for this. snowmobiling is awesome in eastern mb. can rent machine and take the trail right from the city. eatern mb in the parks is simply beautiful in winter but you need early snow for good trails at that time of year. you like culture, head down to st boniface cultural centre for the french lover in you or stay downtown to catch theatre, operas, or catch the world renowned royal wpg ballet( i know the football crowds always love the ballet) for the trendy hangout crowd head down to osborne or coryedon(corydon is better if you ask me) if you like astronomy the planetarium is quite neat but doesn't rank as a #1 place to take the average person. of course the legislature is fun to tour. quite an interesting building actually and is free to tour which is nice. and you could always sit in question period just to remind yourself why you didn't enter politics. There is a start anyways, what you want to include in your trip really depends on your personal interests. if you think there is nothing to do in wpg it is because you have not looked. oh and before i forget you can tour fort garry brewery or the sleamans distillery. alcohol tours can always be fun. if you have any specific interests let us know and we should be able to make some reccomendations. I find it sad that it has taken someone not even presently living in winnipeg to brag about the city. apparently the bomber fans on this site have not managed to leave their own homes other than for football games. oh and if you like hockey you could catch a moose game. it is a nice arena but it isn't the best hockey. good luck and have an awesome time.

that sounds hella fun blackdale :roll: u obviously u havent left Winnipeg if u think theres plenty to do hereand those are fun.Ive been to LA, New York, Las Vegas,Toronto,Vancover,Edmonton,Calgary, and i just came back from Orlando 3 days ago, i can keep going on but i aint. Every one of those cities up there has at least sumthing fun to do. Its acutally kind of funny what u find really fun and intresting about winnipeg. :lol: If u are here, u can always shop or maybe go to a concert at MTS centre

I forgot, leave the city and check out the cities ive been to, then take a look at Winnipeg.

…nice list of activities blackdale…some people just need a little reminder what is really happening out their back-door…the Peg. has always got something going on…and one thing that is never mentioned much is the high quality of food and restaurants that are available…Winnipegs food takes a back-seat to nobody…I think Wpgs. smoked meats for one…are just as good as anybodys in the country …including Mont…and we have the best rye bread in the country coming right out of City Bread…try some geo365…you’ll be back for more…along with all the other great ethnic foods…WINNIPEG is truly blessed with… :slight_smile:

ethnic foods and wpg do go well together, i would agree. so halu you have been to some other cities but still want to frown on your hometown. with that attitude you must really enjoy life. okay you like none of my options although they are fairly wide ranging. what have you found that is sooo much more fun in other cities.... i am curious. edmonton has nothing on wpg except that it is somewhat closer to the mountains although still far enough to be inconvienient... i lived there too. or maybe you prefer the meat market scene. if that is all you are interested then i would agree winnipeg is not the number one city to be in although we have them too. maybe you are bitter about our climate. edm is worse and here is an idea. buy some winter clothing. i love winnipeg and wish i still lived there but for now i have other fish to fry. oh and i have been to many cities across north america and europe so it has nothing to do with lack of exposure. i have experienced most of canada, a good chunk of the states as well as eastern and western europe. there are fewer places i would rather be than winnipeg. although i still love visiting other places. each city has things to offer. if you refuse to acknowledge them then please remain a bitter person as long as you like but don't spread your false pessimism to others.

and it is true las vegas has more casinos and shows. if that is what you want.

Thank you truck loads blackdale that is just what I was looking for. I do love Astronomy so a trip to the planetarium will be in order as well as Fort Garry. As far as the hotel and price.....I don't plan on spending alot of time in my room so cheaper is always better :wink:

It is so true about people not noticing what's in their own backyard. I am guilty of that myself living in Massillon considering the NFL Hall of fame is 15 minutes from me in Canton.

your obviously some underage punk, wpg has some of the awesomeist bars and clubs to go to, there are Lots of things to do here

A song for Geo,

I'll be in Winnipeg for 2006!
You can count on me!
Please have bars and football
And concerts on at the MTS center
Summer will find me
Where the love-light gleams
I’ll be in Winnipeg for 2006!
If only in my dreams

2010 foe me!

Hhhhhmmmmm New age...adult alternative singer songwriter stuff huh Kanga????? I like it thanks mate :wink: