I'll Be The First To Start This - I Know It's Coming


come on Bomber fans, don't blame Dinwiddie for this loss, i can see that coming, he played well under the circumstances and i for one am proud of the kid, KIT CARTRIGHT and his PLAY CALLING was the sh!ts and They still stuck with it after the Rider's figured it out, BYE BYE CARTWRIGHT.. I am also proud of Troy Westwood and a few other Bomber's.

I am not proud of the O-LINE in the first half --- if anyone is to blame it's the HOGS, they didn't protect Ryan one bit in the first half, alway's 2-3 RIDERS rushing Dinwiddie and the O-LINE shoula known they needed to protect him more, they played better in the second half, but too late, great game by the defense and TROY WESTWOOD, i think you got your redemption Troy and i am proud of you, and i for one hope that this isn't good bye

MILT --- what can i say, i will say this to you at the airport, probably with tears in my eyes, THANK YOU, Thank you for every season and every play you made for Winnipeg and our team, if you don't come back you will be missed and will alway's be remembered by Winnipeg and it's Fans.



I'm sure that the Bombers are hitting rock bottom now, but I suggest that they make the best out of a bad situation. Since they are in Toronto, they should try to locate Kevin Eiben of the Argos and show them how they feel about breaking Kevin Glenn's arm. Nothing lifts the spirits like a good curb stomping!

If the Bombers had played Dinwiddie more during the regular season instead of putting all their eggs in one basket (Glenn) the result might have been different. Hopefully the Bombers will learn from their mistake and play Dinwiddie more next year. He tried to do to much, but considering his experience, he did as well as expected.

There's no blame to be had. Most of us started out saying if we couldn't win this thing, Saskatch was our second choice. Dinwiddie did only ok, but Stegall was good and Westwood's punting, great. I loved it in that first half when the Roughies were trapped so often in their own end. It was far from a classic game, but it was still a nail-biter and one score could have won it all. I'd advise nobody to watch the progress on cfl webcam. It sometimes takes 10 minutes before they print out a series of 4 or 5 downs. And for the longest time they had the score listed as 25-14 because they gave one of the safety touches to Saskatchewan's total. How's that for brains?

Tough loss. Dinwiddie I think did as good as you could expect him to do. Certainly rookie mistakes as he rushed himself, telegraphed passes, fell into passing patterns, and that last pick - he shoulda just buried his head and ran for the first down. But he did show great signs, some solid tosses and I think hes someone the Bombers should hold on to, could eventually be a #1 QB.

I think they should have also let him play more in the regular season and leave him alone a little more during the game. After every drive he'd get a lecture from 4 different people - let the kid play.

I thought everyone played pretty good overall. Would have liked to see Roberts involved more. Milt was absolutely amazing. Right from the intro you could tell he was jacked. Would have liked to see our D play more of a containment role against Joseph but they did a great job otherwise. All in all, solid effort, great game, helluva season.

I don't think anyone is blaming Dinwiddie the only way a QB learns not to throw those interceptions is by having it happen in a few games. Johnson didn't lead the league in interceptions for nothing he knows how to hide in the weeds. I don't even blame Cartwright this is his first year and the Bombers had the same "unimaginative throw the long ball every down instead of moving the ball down the field" offence that Berry prefers before Cartwright got here. Look at most of the games we've lost this year and you'll see how Berry gives up on Roberts by the 2nd quarter and tries to get a td on every throw. That game was ours to win in the 3rd quarter all we had to do was move the ball down the field a couple of times but instead we went 2 and out everytime. More frustrating than anything watching all this talent have so much trouble moving the ball.

you guys have to admit that if kevin was in there we all know what the outcome would have been

kevin wouldnt have locked on the derrick armstrong twice causing two interception, and kevin would have ran that 2 or 3 yards for the first down instead of throwing a pick. kevin also would have either taken the sack, gotten rid ofr the ball, or threw it out of bounds when dinwiddie decided to run back 20 yards and fumble on our 10

that said, i think he is our best back up since kevin Glenn, and he should definately stick around... hes capable of winning games, just not in the grey cup, against a cup contending team.... against the grey cup champs.

Just out of curiosity, which games would you have pulled Kevin out of to let Ryan play?

....there wasn't enough spread during the reg. season to insert Dinwiddie...IF we would have blown out a few teams....i'm sure there would have been playing time for Ryan...but that wasn't the case...Glenn was having an 'mvp' year...so how do you pull him...and i don't think it would have been the wise thing to do or fair to Glenn in any event....This is the quandry we find ourselves in... my opinion, for next year, we have to bring in an EXPERIENCED qb. ... nothing against Dinwiddie but he's not a go-to-guy yet...Lets be realistic..there will be some seasoned qbs. out there this off-season and bringing in the right one to take the controls if we lose our no. 1 guy ,Glenn, is a necessity...I would say Dinwiddie can be that guy in the future..but right now his 'game experience' is lacking... does not have a strong arm and when you put that in a tough game situation ...i'll gurantee the opposition will pick you again .. and again ..and again...Glenn makes up for his lack of arm srength (he does throw some ducks) because of his savvy and quick release..something Dinwiddie does not possess...IF we go into 08 with only Ryan as a viable alternative...expect to come up short again....This is too good a team to repeat that scenario... :thup:

That was pretty much the problem this year Glenn had an MVP year in terms of yardage but the Bombers were very mediocre when it came to scoring touchdowns we were behind in almost every game so there was never a situation where we were up by 20 in the 4th quarter and Ryan could have gone in.

Bomber fans!
Nothing to be worried about. Seriously your team did much better then I thought and basically did very well with out your number 1 QB. Do you realize how close your team came to winning this game. You should be very proud of your team.

From your favorite neighborhood Bomber Basher

Redwhite2005 Good luck next year Bomber fans!

Thanx....red05, it still hurts..

Yes it hurts, but your team played well enough to win. There is no need to think otherwise. I want to ask your all did you think it was going to be that close and with the lead changes with out your number one quarterback. I was very suprised at this game and impressed with the great effort your team gave. You know and I know that compliments for the bombers from do not come easy. But the Blue Bombers played well and came so close. Take back a turn over and this game would be a win. Good luck next year.
Merry Xmas to all the Bomberfans. grumble grumble and Taman!

Look at that I did not even lose a bet! But seriously they played well be proud.

Your a good egg 05, thanks.

This just goes to show how important Glenn is to the Bombers success. He may not have been putting up huge numbers down the stretch but he was protecting the ball. Dinwiddie cost us 13 points off his turnovers, in a 4 point game, and of course the game on the final pick.

At the end of the day, it makes me appreciate the kind of qb Glenn has become even more.

I disagree Dinwiddie is guilty of one thing being a rookie in a championship game. I believe expectations were to high for this guy to be successful in the fans eyes. But when you look at it your team was close to winning the championship with this rookie. What does that say about your team? First bombers fans should be proud of this instead of finding out faults right.

Thanx 05....The Bombers played well..
PIGSEYE does have a point..
Glenn has made his mark....on the game.
Cool, calm and collective...
Go bombers..